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Menu Plan 10/9/14-10/15/14

I mostly followed my menu plan again! (I guess that’s what happens when I intentionally plan easy meals.) I did replace the salmon salad sandwiches with grilled cheese, but have been eating the salmon salad as snacks through the week.

The turkey rice casserole was a hit! I loosely followed this recipe, but I doubled the broccoli (and it was still a hit, isn’t that amazing?) and added turmeric and garlic powder. I also substituted a mixture of cream and sour cream for the cream soups. I would normally use white sauce but I didn’t have milk on hand, so I had to make do with cream. Rough life, huh?

Also, I completely forgot to serve baby carrots with the chili… I was mentally counting the tomato in the soup as a vegetable, so I wasn’t thinking about veggie sides. 🙂

As much as I was looking forward to trying the creamy garlic pasta, I need to use up some leftovers before I do any more cooking, so that will get moved to next week.

This week will be a little odd for menu planning, as the weekend will involve getting to visit with my mother (yay!), and I will be doing very little cooking.


Tuna Sandwiches (with sprouts)

Social Eventsx3

Creamy Garlic Pasta with Chicken, Broccoli

Mexican Casserole, green salad

Sushi, carrot slaw


Leftovers, social events (probably eating at least once), and probably quesadillas or grilled cheese if we run short on leftovers.


The usual: eggs, toast, smoothies/yogurt.

Baking and Extras:

I need to make a dutch apple pie (or two) this week, and also start working on other ways to use up my half case of organic apples before they start going bad. I’d like to make apple butter…

I also want to keep working on my healthy replica of boxed brownies, but I have to wait until next week for that, because I used up the last of my cocoa powder on my last experiment.