Menu Plan 4/2/15-4/8/15

We followed most of this weeks menu plan, except that in order to use up some extra leftovers I moved the burritos meal, and served leftover french onion potatoes with the pork steaks (instead of cheesy broccoli rice).

We did an overnight vacation (kind of a late anniversary getaway) near Chicago last week, so our hot dog meal was planned specifically to be something I could cook easily in the microwave in our room. (Yes, I use microwaves sometimes when I’m on vacation.) I won’t tell you all the snacks I packed, but you could assume if you like that there was other junk food associated with our vacation…

Because we did some other activities in area (an arcade and SkyJump, an indoor trampoline park), we ended up doing our ‘date night’ dinner as a quick meal on the way home instead of doing a nicer, longer dinner. (We didn’t even get Chicago style pizza the whole time we were there!) But we did happen on a really good place to get good food quickly: Johnny’s Beef and Gyros. We both got gyros, but there were plenty of other options like hamburgers and hot dogs and salads, many of which had a Chicago twist of some kind in the toppings. It was so good, that we may just plan future Chicago trips around stopping at the same place!

While we’re on the subject of restaurants, we have a double date planned for this coming week, where we’ll be going to Hokkaido. While I fully admit to not being a sushi expert, Hokkaido seems the nicest (though this does translate into being pricier) of the sushi places we’ve tried in the area. As relative novices in the sushi world, it’s especially fun to get use their ‘unlimited sushi’ option to try new kinds of sushi without having quite as much pressure to order something we know for sure we’ll like. Another bonus to Hokkaido, especially for a double date, is that while three of us will probably be ordering the unlimited sushi, they do have some nice steak type options available for less adventurous eaters among us.

I’m getting very ready for some lighter spring foods, so this weeks menu is a combination of using up a few ‘leftover’ winter foods and moving into some light, fresh foods. The details, however, are very subject to change depending on what I find when I go grocery shopping.


Social Event x2


Leftovers/Fridge Scrounging

Rotisserie Chicken (from Costco, for church fellowship meal)

Chicken Heart Pate, Bruschetta, Baguettes

Apricot Pork Steak, Carrot Salad (I’ll likely add rice or pasta to this last minute, I’m just not feeling it right now)


We should enough leftovers to cover most lunches. If needed I may fall back on toasted cheese sandwiches or something from the freezer.


Eggs and toast, maybe beginning to transition into fruit and smoothies. Also, after having a couple of very low energy days, I discovered that a heartier oatmeal breakfast improved my energy levels a little, so I may do some kind of fruit and oatmeal combination a few times.

Baking and Extras:

I’m hibernating my water kefir grains in the fridge again, so any extra time and energy I have for kitchen projects can go into actual baking. Maybe some apple fritters, homemade kahlua, and homemade baguettes to go with our bruschetta? Oh, and I still need to start a new batch of yogurt, and maybe some sprouts.

Shopping List:

I didn’t get the Kroger ad this week, and I’m not seeing a lot that’s jumping out at me in the other ads, so I mostly have a basic Costco list. I may also stop by Aldi for .99/lb ham and some basic staples. (Most of my typical grocery prices are stored in an app on my tablet, which is too low on charge to turn on right now, so I’m working off memory on the price estimates.)


ground beef, about $35/10lb

chicken, (maybe, depending on price)

rotisserie chicken, $4.99

onions, about $8/8lb

tomatoes, not sure of price

carrots, $6.99/10lb

bell peppers, not sure of price

cream cheese, $6.99/6pk

turbinado sugar, not sure of price


organic potato chips (depending on price–I found then on clearance last time and loved them!)

ham, about $8/8lb

eggs, about $3/2dozen

pineapple, $1.29 (I just found out the pineapples are in season in early spring!)

granola bars, about $1.89 (for ‘desk snacks’ for my husband)






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