Menu Plan 3/26/15-4/1/15

We followed the first half of our menu plan this week, but then we replaced the burritos with quesadillas (using up some leftover chicken in one of the quesadillas) and replaced the pork steaks and broccoli rice meal with a previously unplanned social event.

Part of the week I continued to feel bleah as I recovered from the stomach bug I’d had, and the second part I was still glad to have easy meals and leftovers as I ran around like a crazy person trying to catch up on all the cleaning and such that I needed to get done after having been sick for most of a week.

In this coming week we’re having a couple of less healthy, more fun meals, and then just some more simple, mostly out of the freezer meals. I’m looking forward to when our Farmer’s Market opens so we can start to enjoy some truly fresh vegetables!


Hot Dogs (with fermented ketchup and sauerkraut), Baby Carrots

Date Night/Dinner Out

Leftovers/Fridge Scrounging

French Onion Potatoes (for church fellowship meal)

Pork Steaks and Cheesy Broccoli Rice (from the freezer)

Meatloaf, Potato Salad, Peas

Burritos (using burrito filling from the freezer)


We should still have plenty of leftovers, and we’ll fall back on hamburger patties or grilled cheese if we run short on protein for lunches.


More of the same: eggs (for my husband), toast, homemade hot cocoa (unicorn fuel version). Once we start getting some more fresh fruit in season I’ll start up the breakfast smoothie habit again.

Baking and Extras:

I didn’t really get anything done with baking last week. This week I’d like to keep up with water kefir, make ketchup and start a new batch of homemade yogurt. Other than that, we’ll just see how the week goes.

Shopping List:

I actually did a quick shopping trip at the tail of the last sale cycle at Kroger. (I found organic spinach half price on manager’s special and threw it in the freezer for when I start up those smoothies again.)

There are a couple of good sales this coming week, though I don’t know if I’ll try to get out shopping again or not. For those who are interested, here are the noteworthy sales as I see them:

Shop N’ Save:

roma tomatoes, .88/lb

chicken leg quarters, .68/lb

pork spare ribs, $1.68/lb

organic applesauce (24 oz), $2



ham, .99/lb

avocadoes, .69 each

mandarin oranges, $2.29/3lb

cream cheese, $.89

butter, $1.89/lb



split chicken breast, .97/lb

eggs, $1.28

(3/26 & 3/27 only) turkey breast, .99/lb


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