Menu Plan 3/19/15-3/25/15

We ended up adding a couple of extra social events to our plan for this past week, but aside from that, and a brief bout with a stomach bug, we followed our menu plan pretty well.

The Pear and Feta Rice Pudding turned out well–I made it very heavy on the pears and feta and kept other spices low key, with just a few dashes of salt and a dash of cinnamon and fennel, and it managed to ride that precarious line between sweet and savory that I was aiming for.

I experimented with a whole wheat version of homemade ramen noodles, using half a cup of hard red wheat flour and a fourth of a cup of soft white wheat flour, and using my food processor to do the dough kneading. It turned out quite well, except for the fact that I over salted them when I added the seasoning. They did have a bit of that whole wheat flavor, but the texture wasn’t bad. I’m planning to use the leftovers in a soup to dilute the salt a bit.

The french onion potatoes using spices from the french onion dip turned out well, though even doubling the salt wasn’t quite enough salt for my taste. Potatoes absorb a lot of salt! I also need to remember in the future to make sure the potatoes are well stirred before serving, because a lot of the spices and butter dripped down to the bottom of the crock pot during cooking.

I did get corned beef, potatoes and cabbage in the crockpot on St Patricks Day, but then discovered I was coming down with a stomach bug, so I ditched my more elaborate plans for making Irish Soda Bread and homemade Irish Cream in favor of curling up on the couch, playing Hexcells Infinite and sipping coconut water. My husband ate a bit of supper, but stayed cautious about food in case he was also about to come down with the stomach bug, and I stuck with beef stock and a banana.

I’m feeling mostly better, but have heard of the possibility of relapse in a couple days with this particular bug. Adding that to the question of whether my husband is going to come down with the bug or not makes menu planning a bit difficult this week. I’m going to try to focus the menu on foods like chicken, broth and rice that can be easily digested, and then adjust for more or less simplicity as called for the events of the week.


Social Event

Leftovers + Hamburger Patties (We have plenty of leftover rice and potatoes in the fridge, but less in the way of protein leftovers.)

Beefy Noodle Soup

French Onion Potatoes (for church fellowship meal, using spices from homemade french onion dip)

Burritos (using burrito filling from the freezer)

Pork Steaks and Cheesy Broccoli Rice (I found another package of Cheesy Broccoli Rice in the freezer! Yay!)

Leftover Corned Beef, Cabbage & Potato + Irish Soda Bread (If we’re feeling well enough, I’ll use the leftovers from St Patricks Day to do a late celebration.)


We should have plenty of leftovers for lunches this week, but if we run a bit short on protein leftovers I may make grilled cheese or tuna salad.


The usual eggs (for my husband) and toast, plus maybe some unicorn fuel hot cocoa for me, and the possibility of banana smoothies.

Baking and Extras:

Last week I did finally make preserved lemons, though I lapsed a bit with keeping up with my water kefir and sourdough starter. I’m not going to make any elaborate plans for the week, so the only definite on my list is keeping up with water kefir. Other possibilities, if I get to them, include experimenting with sourdough banana bread, making sourdough bagels, making yogurt and making Irish soda bread.

Shopping List:

We should finally have a car again after tomorrow (yay!) but I didn’t see any super amazing deals in the Aldi ad, and in the interest of keeping our plans for the week low key, I probably won’t do any grocery shopping.



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