Menu Plan and Shopping List 3/5/15-3/11/15

We followed the early part of last week’s menu plan well, despite the fact that I came down with a cold that wiped out my energy. (It didn’t seem like a bad cold at first, but combined with the fact that I still hadn’t really gotten my energy back since the surgeries in January, I wasn’t able to get much done at all.)

We had a couple of meals mostly from the freezer, ordered subs on Saturday for a fun food we didn’t have to fix, and changed the potatoes for church fellowship meal to very simple crock pot baked potatoes.

At that point, however, with my cold symptoms increasing and my husband starting to come down with the same cold, pulling a very milk based crab chowder out of the freezer didn’t seem like such a good idea, and I didn’t have a lot of cooking energy to work with. We also haven’t been to the store in a few weeks, between car troubles and health issues, so I was very thankful to discover we did still have some easy to fix meal ingredients around!

The last few days of meals have involved easy to fix foods like sweet potatoes. leftover green beans, cheesy fried potatoes, hamburgers, pork steaks, canned pears and a bit of ramen. (Sans MSGful spice packet of course–when ever we do eat ramen noodles I use my own blend of spices. In fact, I’ve used a lot of immune boosting spices such as garlic, turmeric and cayenne on most of the foods we’ve eaten this week.) (Also lots of tea and a bit of homemade fermented ginger ale and turmeric tonic.) We’ve eaten surprisingly well under the circumstances, but I’m also about ready to jump at my next chance to get a ride to the grocery store. (Or just to have more energy for cooking the ingredients I have… That would make me almost as happy…)

I’m still planning our meals for the next week to use mostly ingredients I have on hand, and to mostly be low prep time in case I’m still working on recovery, but I’m sure I’ll change it around a bit depending on which of these considerations ends up with higher priority.


Social Event

Burritos (using burrito filling from the freezer)

Leftovers/Fridge Scrounging

French Onion Potatoes (for church fellowship meal, using french onion dip spices–or just baked potatoes again, depending on how I feel)

Crab Chowder (from freezer–if I have energy I’ll make these Pumpkin Crescent Rolls to go with it)

Pork Steaks, Rice, Green Beans with Sauteed Onions

Chicken Thighs with Roasted Potatoes and Carrots


Leftovers, but for the lunches that we’ll be short on leftovers, probably more cheesy fried potatoes, quesadillas and, if I get to Aldi, maybe tuna salad.


I have continued to forget about using squash for breakfast, so I’m going to pull it out from the freezer right now… Okay, I’m back! I also found a pouch of guacamole while I was looking for the squash, but I won’t use that for breakfasts… probably…

We did make a batch of sourdough pancakes  (proof of how easy they are to make that we had those this week), and still have a few leftover, so we’re probably in the ‘leftovers for breakfast’ sort of groove this week, with the addition of some scrambled eggs for my husband.

Baking and Extras:

As you might guess, I haven’t been doing much in the way of extras this week. I have managed to keep my water kefir grains and sourdough starter alive, but that’s about it. This week I’m hoping to do a bit more, at least a batch of bread or rolls, and make those Preserved Lemons I keep talking about, as well as, of course, continuing with my water kefir.

Shopping List:

I’m planning to keep my shopping to a quick Aldi run this week. They don’t have a lot of super amazing sales, but Aldi is my top choice for a ‘one quick stop’ shopping trip, because I can get out spending the least amount of money for the least amount of effort.

mayonnaise, about $2

graham crackers, about $1.80

eggs, about 3doz/$4.50

tortillas, about 3pks/$4.50

lemon juice, about $1.89

corned beef roast, apx. 5lb/$10

cream cheese, about 2/$2.40

oranges, 4lb/$1.69

bananas, about 5lb/$2

fresh vegetables (of some kind, depending on selection and price)

sour cream, about 2/$2.60

bread, about $1.50

hamburger patties, about 6lb/$18

salmon fillets, about $8

ramen noodles, about $2

frozen pizza, 4/$8

tuna, about 5/$3.50

canned salmon, about 2/$4.40








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