Menu Plan 2/26/15-3/4/15

I had a bit of a crimp thrown in my menu plan this week by having the transmission in our car die, leaving me unable to get to the grocery store. (I do have plenty of friends in the area who would happily give me a ride to go get groceries, but this week it was simpler to revise my menu plan than to arrange a ride.) I changed around the ingredients a bit and still mostly followed my menu plan, but with a lot fewer mushrooms than I’d planned on, since I missed the Aldi sale on mushrooms.

Our Saturday ‘fridge scrounging’ meals did indeed include cheesy fried potatoes, and for our other meal I pulled out some salmon fillets from the freezer and made a quick maple mustard glaze (about half brown mustard and half maple syrup, probably leaning a bit on the mustard side) for them. So quick and so yummy! I’m going to have to remember that ‘recipe’ for future use.

We tried the Turmeric Roasted Potatoes and they were a great success. My husband picked up the ‘cheesy’ flavor more than I did, but we both really liked them, and I know I’ll be using that seasoning combination again (probably on fried potatoes, especially).

As for the chicken hearts… Next time I’ll bread and fry them (instead of sauteeing them with onions) so my husband can enjoy them more, but in this particular case I really didn’t mind not having to share the leftovers. I ate chicken hearts, sauteed onions and turmeric potatoes for three meals in a row (yes, I ate them for breakfast the next day!) and was still loving them. Perhaps I have a bit of organ meat deficiency in my diet?

We had an extra social event thrown into the week, so I took the elements of two meals that we both had partial ingredients for and we had pork steaks with baked sweet potatoes (skipping the kale and feta gallete, and bypassing the ground beef which I couldn’t find at all the freezer that day, though two packages quickly turned up when I looked today). I usually like my baked sweet potatoes with salt and pepper (and of course, lots of butter, but that part goes without saying, right?), but I was in a bit of different mood this time and tried mine with butter and cinnamon, which I quite enjoyed as well.

This coming week I’m going back to using some freezer meals I still had left in the freezer, partly to stretch the length of time I can go without grocery shopping (though hopefully it won’t be too long until we can replace our car) and partly in hopes that spending less time on meal prep will allow me to catch up on some other projects I’ve been trying to get to recently.


Social Event (if this doesn’t work out because of our lack of transportation, we’ll have Stuffing Casserole from the freezer and Green Beans)

Burritos (using burrito filling from the freezer)

Leftovers/Fridge Scrounging

French Onion Potatoes (for church fellowship meal, trying out the seasonings from French Onion Dip on potatoes)

Crab Chowder (from the freezer)

Pork Steaks, Rice and Green Beans (For some odd reason, rice actually sounds good lately…)

Chili and Cornbread


Mostly leftovers… I’m going to pull out a package of ground beef to turn out leftover baked sweet potatoes into hash, so it can be a fully proteinated leftover meal. If we still run short on leftovers, maybe I’ll pull out some bacon for bacon grilled cheese sandwiches.


As usual, I’ve done a variety of breakfasts including leftovers, toast and cheese, and hot cocoa. I also tried making sourdough bagels, which turned out pretty well (my husband said they were as good as store bought bagels, but not quite to the level of bakery bagels yet, which seems pretty good for a first try), and we used those for a few breakfasts. As predicted, my husband ate eggs several mornings, as well as bagels and toast some mornings.

This coming week I suspect will be more of the same, though I may open a big can of fruit to help with the lack of produce since I haven’t gone grocery shopping. Using that squash from the freezer might help too.

Baking and Other Extras:

My water kefir and sourdough starter are both surviving so far (though I did go a bit longer than usual between sourdough feedings…). I’m enjoying having homemade ginger ale again, and hope to get a ginger ale video up on the blog/youtube soon. I also made bagels (as mentioned) and sourdough lemon sponge cake, which we haven’t tested yet because it’s for an event.

This week I really need to make the Preserved Lemons, and I may try baguettes or more bagels with the sourdough starter, but I might also just stick with bread and pancakes for using up starter as needed.

Shopping List:

I have no intentions of attempting to go shopping this week, but there are few sales items that caught my eye. For instance, HyVee has frozen veggies (10-16 oz) on sale for .68.

Aldi has pork butt roast for $1.99/lb, chicken breasts for $1.79/lb, lemons for .99/lb, baby carrots for .49/lb and oranges $1.69/4lb.

Kroger has whole chickens for .88/lb, pineapples and avocadoes for .99 each and butter for $1.99/lb, as well as continuing some good ‘seasonal pricing’ on eggplants (.99), kale (.99/lb), etc.

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