Menu Plan and Shopping List 2/19/15-2/25/15

We had an average adherence to menu plan this week, mostly following the plan but moving a couple of meals and skipping two due to extra leftovers and unplanned events. Oh, and because of a busy Saturday I forgot to defrost meat for church fellowship meal, so we improvised at the last minute and took a #10 can of applesauce and a small jar of green olives. (In case you were wondering, the applesauce was very popular and the olives were not.)

I renamed the savory bread pudding as a stuffing casserole and it turned out so well that it got its own blog post (mostly so I could remember how to make it the same way next time).

This week I’m counting on having more energy for cooking meals, but we do still have a few freezer meals to fall back on if life (and my energy level) doesn’t go according to plan.


Social Event

Astoria Crab Pasta and Stuffed Mushrooms

Leftovers/Fridge Scrounging (probably cheesy fried potatoes this week, since I got 50 pounds of organic potatoes in my Azure Standard order)

Orange Chicken Thighs (for church fellowship meal–I’ll also do something with potatoes if I have energy on Saturday)

Ground Beef and Sweet Potato Hash (I like to add some Indian seasonings, mostly cumin, garlic and turmeric, to this kind of hash)

Pork Steaks and Kale and Feta Galette (I’ll use the Nourishing Traditions soaked yogurt pie crust, and homemade cheese in place of the ricotta)

Chicken Hearts with Sauteed Mushrooms and Onions, Turmeric Roasted Potatoes


We should have leftovers enough for lunches most days, and if we end up short I’ll probably do something cheese based like homemade macaroni and cheese, cheese fried potatoes, or grilled cheese on sourdough bread.


We’re still loving the sourdough pancakes (though the novelty is perhaps starting to wear off, and we’re going to settle in on pancakes once or twice a week), and with raw cacao and coconut oil recently back in the house I’ve enjoyed hot cocoa for breakfast a few times (sometimes a variation on the unicorn fuel version). As I do more sourdough experiments I may produce more breakfast foods soon, and I suspect my husband will go on a scrambled egg kick again soon after having more carby breakfasts recently. Also, I keep forgetting we have squash in the freezer, which works really well for breakfasts with a sprinkle of turbinado sugar (I’m writing this here as a mental note so that we *might* actually eat it for breakfast sometime before squash is in season again.)

Baking and Extras:

My water kefir seems to be almost back to normal (yay!) so I’ll be trying to get back in the groove with that. I haven’t yet successfully kept two ongoing ferments alive at the same time, so we’ll see how I do with both water kefir and sourdough. I have lots of ideas for experimenting with the sourdough including lemon sponge cake, baguettes, bread bowls and bagels, so hopefully I get to try out one or two of those ideas this week.

I also want to make preserved lemons with the organic lemons from my Azure Standard order, and depending on how many lemons I have left after that project I may try something like limoncello, candied lemon peel (and lemon syrup from the leftover juices) or a lemon pudding.

I also need to try to get my homemade yogurt going again, and make some homemade vinegar cheese.

Shopping List:

In addition to what’s on my Kroger list, they have frozen veggies on sale for $1 (10-16 oz).

asparagus, $2/2lb

organic kale, $1/lb

angel hair (not sure of the price on this… hopefully not too much more than $1, but I may go for organic if it’s less that $2 a pound)

canned crab, about $2.79

tuna, $2/4

sour cream, $4/4

yogurt, about $1


eggs, about $3/2 doz


roma tomatoes $2.40/3lb

onions, .69/3lb

cream cheese, about $1.29

parmesan cheese wedge 3.99/8 oz




  1. Thanks for linking to my Turmeric Roasted Potatoes post! Let me know if you try them. They’re really tasty and simple. Butter makes everything better, right? 😉

    • We just tried the Turmeric Roasted Potatoes last night. My husband picked up on the cheesy flavor you mentioned more than I did, but both of us really enjoyed them! (Turmeric is one of my favorite spices so I knew when I saw your recipe that I had to try it out.) I might try that flavor combination in other dishes too–definitely fried potatoes, and maybe it would work on popcorn, if the spices and lemon juice were mixed with melted butter…

      I totally agree you about the butter too! 🙂

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