Half-Priced Chocolate Day

For the first eighteen years of my life I thought Valentine’s Day only existed so we could have half-priced chocolate day on the fifteenth of February. For the next seven years I drifted towards the attitude that you might as well give me a nice paper cut and pour lemon juice over it as to point out that Valentine’s Day existed, but in the end, half priced chocolate the next day wasn’t such a bad way to make it up to me. And, for the past four years I’m such a daily sappy romantic that I either refuse to admit that I could be even sappier one day a year, or insist that one day a year (that’s been taken over by Hallmark) is completely irrelevant.

(How are your math skills? Did you figure out how old I am yet? You’ll really want to hone those skills for calculating how much your chocolate is going to cost at various percentages off over next week or so. You’re welcome.)

I’m not sure I’ve ever eaten anything heart shaped in the first half of the month of February.

It was sad the day I realized that conversation hearts taste like chalky sugar, because the idea of having an entire conversation by exchanging candies was always far more amusing than it should have been. (And going back to that calculation of how old I am… conversation hearts aren’t quite the same as they used to be, anyway. Now they say strange things like ‘text me’ and ‘< 3’.)

The best Valentine’s candy I can remember eating was chocolate mint hearts. It took me years to realize they were basically the same as Andes mints, just heart shaped.

I’ve never really liked chocolate covered cherries. The ones I’ve had usually taste like sugar bombs that have been waved in the vicinity of something that used to be a cherry.

Now that I write a health food (ish) blog and try to avoid GMOs and processed foods such as corn syrup, I should probably be above searching shelves for half priced candy that was being sold at an inflated price to begin with…

But whether it’s the thrill of the hunt or connecting with my roots or just the complete genetic inability to walk past a clearance sign without pausing, I remain firm in my belief that half priced chocolate is some of the important stuff of life.

I’ll happily bypass the conversation hearts and chocolate covered cherries though.


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