Menu Plan and Shopping List 2/12/15-2/18/15

This week we followed our menu plan, except for one day. I would say that’s impressive, but it mostly just means that we got our social events scheduled before I did the menu plan instead of after… The one exception was yet another ‘last minute’ birthday evening of games for one of my husband’s siblings, and I wasn’t sure crab chowder was going to be a popular meal, so I went with pork steaks and broccoli rice casserole from the freezer.

I also took a loaf of sourdough bread to church fellowship meal on Sunday in addition to the chicken thighs I had planned. My sourdough starter is taking off well and I’m going to have to start refrigerating it more (so as to feed it less) or giving away a lot of sourdough bread…

I’m starting to get just a hint of my energy starting to come back as I’ve gotten back in the rhythm of taking my vitamins daily, but I’m still keeping most of the meals simple and relying heavily on freezer meals this week.


Social Event


Crab Chowder (from the freezer)

Chicken Thighs (for church fellowship meal)

Savory Bread Pudding (To use up that first meh loaf of sourdough bread I made–Something like this recipe, but with fewer eggs and adding mushrooms, peppers and parmesan and using fake sausage and using sourdough instead of white bread and milk instead of half and half. But otherwise pretty much the same.)

Burritos (using burrito filling from the freezer)

Keilbasa Chowder (from the freezer)


We have a couple of lunches out this week for various reasons, and aside from those I think we should have enough leftovers for all our lunches.


We did sourdough pancakes a few times this week, which I think are working well, and we’ll probably do a couple more times this week. My husband will probably do eggs and bagels a few times as well, and I’ll do toast, fruit and milk (or homemade hot cocoa) as the mood strikes.

Baking and Extras:

I need to keep up with the sourdough starter, but I also don’t want to be putting all of my limited energy into sourdough bread this week, so I may hibernate it a bit in the fridge. I should pull out my hibernating water kefir grains though, and see if they’ve resuscitated yet. Aside from that, probably a very low key week for baking projects.

Shopping List:

My husband’s mother volunteered to pick up groceries for us when she goes to Costco this week so that I don’t have to put my energy into grocery shopping yet. Of course, as soon as she offered, I forgot everything on my mental list except for tortilla chips, so it’s possible that my entire grocery list for the week will consist of tortilla chips. (I know we’re still doing well on basics because we’ve been using so many freezer meals, so we have meat and cheese and veggies and butter… so what am I forgetting?)

For those of you who are doing more extensive shopping this week, note that Aldi once again has citrus on sale. Also, they have 6 quart bamboo mixing bowls for 6.99, which would be amazing for making sourdough bread. (Most of my mixing bowls are metal, which is not recommended with sourdough, so I’m constantly getting my giant ceramic bowl down from it’s perch on top of my kitchen cabinets now that I have sourdough running.)


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