Menu Plan 2/5/15-2/11/15

As usual, we followed about of  half of the meals on our menu plan this week… To start with, while my soreness has just about completely healed since my surgery, my energy levels are not nearly back up to normal yet, and that comes with some brain fog as I’ve started pushing myself just a little bit to start getting some work done around here again. (Don’t worry, I’m still resting too, but I’m completely sick of just sitting on the couch, and I even think I do a little bit better with a couple hours of work and then a nap than just sitting all day.)

This lead to small issues with fixing even easy meals, such as putting the pork steaks in a preheated oven and then turning the oven OFF. Thankfully, they didn’t sit in the warm oven long to go bad, but our supper was going to be delayed by this error, so I pulled out a package of ground beef from the freezer and fixed cheese burgers instead.

The pork steaks went in the fridge when they finished cooking and served very nicely for additions to quesadillas and stirfrys for lunches later in the work.

The weather caused us to miss church on Sunday, so we finished off some more leftovers instead of using our #10 can of applesauce that we’d planned to contribute to fellowship meal.

The last change was because of needing to reschedule having my husband’s little sister over for her birthday present of a game night at our house. Neither our abundance of leftovers nor the originally planned chowder seemed quite festive enough, so I pulled some more pork steaks out of the freezer and make parmesan fried potatoes and sauteed green beans with mushrooms and onions to go with them

The food highlight of the week was going out for endless sushi on my birthday. It’s like the more upscale version of a sushi buffet– a nice restaurant, which to my limited experience seems to make high quality sushi and offers this deal where for a flat rate you can keep ordering 2 to 3 maki rolls at a time as long as you can keep eating them.

This was a very nice way to try out some new kinds of sushi without as much of the pressure of feeling like I’d wasted money on it if I didn’t like it, because hey, after I finished that roll, I could just order something else! We tried a deep fried sushi, which we both liked a lot. We also discovered that I’m not a huge fan of raw asparagus in sushi and that while I am a huge fan of smoked salmon in sushi, my husband is ambivalent to it. Oh, and eel sushi is pretty good.

All in all, it was fun experience, we had some really good sushi, and we’d like to go back sometime for the lunch version of their endless sushi, which doesn’t include their signature maki rolls (such as the deep fried sushi), but is significantly cheaper.

This week’s menu contains a lot of repeats from last week’s menu as I’m continuing to rely heavily on freezer meals while I’m slowly getting my normal levels of energy back.


Social Events x3 (It’s birthday season in both our families, plus we have some social catching up to as I’ve not been up to doing much with friends the last month or so.)

Leftovers/Fridge Scrounging

Chicken Thighs (for church fellowship meal–it’s a sign of the brain fog that I didn’t think of this last week…)


Crab Chowder


Some leftovers, probably some type of ground beef and veggie stirfry (maybe with noodles) for a couple of the days, maybe grilled cheese sandwiches if they’re needed. (I picked up some sweet mini peppers when they were on sale last week at Aldi, which will make an easy way to add veggies to lunches as needed.)


I’m starting to do some minor experimentation with some sourdough starter I got last week, so I suspect (if all goes well) we’ll at least have plenty of sourdough bread for toast in the upcoming week, and if I feel up to it, I’d really like to try sourdough pancakes over the weekend as well. Other than that, my husband will probably be eating some eggs and bagels, and I’ll do my normal rotation through fruit, homemade hot cocoa, chicken stock and any leftovers that sound good.

Baking and Extras:

I have lots of ideas for my sourdough starter, but I’m keeping things fairly low key this week, as I think I should at least have energy to catch up on dishes all the way before I start elaborate baking projects. My water kefir grains are currently in the fridge (hopefully) recuperating from my serious neglect  of them after I had surgery, so they’re not a factor in my projects for another week or two. Oh, and I just ordered some uncleaned chicken gizzards (very cheap) from our local organic farmer, so at some point I’ll have to experiment with cleaning and cooking those.

Shopping List:

I was able to do some light shopping at Aldi while running a couple other errands with my husband the other evening, which means I’ll be able to put off a full shopping trip until another week when I have more energy. (Yay!) So I did pick up the mini sweet peppers, grape tomatoes and mushrooms that were on sale after all, and am enjoyed having more fresh veggies in the house.

This week’s Aldi’s sales include lots of berries and citrus for their average winter sale prices. Also, if you’re in need of any kitchenware you may want to check out their sales on stainless steel utensils ($2), stainless steel bowls ($10/2pk) and kitchen canisters ($13/3pk).

Kroger has both ham and whole chickens for .99/lb, as well as eggplant and bell peppers for .99 each, frozen veggies for $1/12oz, and the ever tempting Talent gelato for $3.99/pint.

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