Menu Plan 1/29/15-2/4/15

I realize it’s been two weeks since I post my last menu plan post, but since I had a second, follow up, surgery in that time, we’ve still been in that same non menu plan state the whole time. We once again had an outpouring of food from friends at church and are still trying to finish the last of the leftovers from those meals.

Because my second surgery was a shorter, simpler surgery, recovery went a lot faster. I felt like I completely skipped the first stage of recovery from the first surgery and went straight to drinking lots of water, eating lots of food to recharge my iron and vitamin levels and being able to move around semi-comfortably instead of with great difficulty.

It was hard for me to relax quite as much as after the first surgery, especially since I’d already spent over a week on the couch and I wasn’t feeling quite as bad, but my husband continued to assure me that I needed to just focus on resting and recovering, and I did my best to oblige by watching an entire Jane Eyre miniseries and finishing the book I started after the first surgery.

Once again, we very much appreciated all the meals that came in so that I could focus on resting instead of food management. We did realize after several days of eating other people’s cooking that I cook with a lot more fats (mostly in the form of butter, though sometimes coconut oil and lard) than most people do, but snacking on a batch of French Onion Dip my husband made for us helped fill the lack of fats we were starting to feel.

This coming week we’re going back to something resembling a normal menu plan, though I’m not planning to start doing much cooking for at least a few more days–I’ll mostly be pulling out freezer meals and reheating them.


Date Night/Dinner Out

Pork Steaks, Baked Potatoes, Green Beans (Not quite a freezer meal, but still mostly just throwing stuff in the oven.)

Leftovers/Fridge Scrounging

Applesauce (for church fellowship meal–less food than I normally take, so if I come up with something else that’s very low prep I’ll take that too)

Chicken Thighs, Cheesy Broccoli Rice

Burritos (Using mixed beans, rice and beef burrito filling from the freezer and Aldi’s organic jars of salsa–all I’ll have to do is warm up the tortillas)

Crab Chowder


Leftovers should work for most lunches. Realistically, the days we’re short on leftover we’re probably going to be eating frozen pizza, ramen (with butter and my own spices instead of the seasoning packet) with ground beef, or possibly grilled cheese or quesadillas. I’m in favor of healthy food, but I’m also in favor of low stress meals at certain seasons in life, and I’m okay with some white flour in our diets as long as it’s generally balanced with more nutritious foods.


Probably mostly eggs for my husband. In theory I would eat oatmeal this week, but again, being realistic, I’m probably going to scrounge leftovers that look good, maybe cook up some frozen veggies (I had peas for breakfast once last week) and supplement with toast as needed, or until we run out of bread.

Shopping List:

I’m not planning on shopping this week, though some of the produce sales at Aldi are very tempting! They have mini sweet peppers for $1.49/lb, avocados for .49, mushrooms for .69/8oz and grape tomatoes .99/pint. Also, it’s worth noting that they dropped the price on their organic jars of salsa from $1.99 to $1.69. I like homemade salsa, but it’s also really nice to have a couple jars of salsa around to take to unexpected events, for days when I’m out of fresh tomatoes, or just days when I’m feeling especially tired.

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