Menu Plan 1/15/15-1/21/15 & Post Surgery Nutrition

I should have known that we would receive a large outpouring of food from our church after I had surgery, but somehow, I’d only calculated for reasonable amount of food to show up. 🙂 After a few days we had to call a halt to people bringing meals so that we had a chance to eat all our leftovers from the first meals we got. (We haven’t yet eaten any of those freezer meals I so carefully prepared, either.)

I love the variety of food lifestyles expressed in the food we’ve gotten too. We got two kinds of chicken soup: one gluten free and one ‘double gluten’ (chicken noodle soup that also came with crackers). We got a simple, but completely amazing, beans and rice casserole from a foodie, just off the GAPS diet, friend. (I’m going to have ask her what kind of rice she used in it too, because I come from a rice-is-rice is-sadly-not-potatoes background, but she used some kind of very long grain rice that I actually really enjoyed.) We got a dish called Pork Chops O’ Brian, which I’d never heard of before, but since it involved meat and some kind of creamy sauce on potatoes,  we heartily approved. We also got a large tray of meat (yay, iron!), a quiche (which came in very handy for my husband’s breakfasts), banana muffins (which came in very handy for my breakfasts), lots of green salads with assorted toppings, one very much appreciated fruit salad, and ice cream.

The upshot of all that is that we didn’t even attempt to follow any sort of menu plan this week. I napped a few hours a day and took a very rare complete break from doing anything responsible. I didn’t even track what food we had available, or what tasks might need to be done, as my husband completely took over tracking when we were getting meals, warming leftovers when we weren’t getting new meals, washing dishes, refilling my glass of water and everything else that could possible need to be done.

The first couple of days I drank a lot of coconut water and some juice trying to rehydrate, and only ate small amounts of food. Cliche as it may be, chicken soup was one of the best foods at that point, followed by fruit and ice cream. I ate a few bites of meats and breads and casseroles at this stage, but mostly I wanted liquids and simple, easily digestible carbs to start to get my energy back up. (I really appreciated a couple of packets of hot cocoa mix that came in with a meal at this stage too–warm, liquid and chocolate. It was perfect.)

After I started to feel better I went to drinking mostly water plus a little bit of herbal tea. (This wasn’t part of any grand strategy to get back to water or anything–I really just went with what sounded best through most of this recovery.) At this point the beans, rice and meats started being really appealing, and I started to pay more attention to trying to boost my iron levels back up, which also encouraged a focus on beans and meat. Ice cream was still really good at this stage too, along with just a little bit of chocolate, as it had the easily digestible carbs for energy, but balance by enough fats to keep my from sugar crashing.

Basically, if I started to get lightheaded I would try to sleep. If I couldn’t I would eat ice cream. Between those two strategies I felt pretty good most of the time.

Within just the last couple of days I’ve felt more like I wanted to get back to the normal balance of foods in my diet, as well as beginning to notice the lack of fermented foods in the previous week. I’ve started eating more salads with my meals, and very much enjoyed having some kefir for breakfast yesterday. I may also start eating some homemade sauerkraut with my meat, now that I’m paying attention to available foods again.

There’s really not much of a menu plan for the coming week either, as we still have leftovers (and frozen pizzas and freezer meals for if they’re needed), and more meals coming from friends after I go in for a follow up surgery.

So I guess our menu plan looks something like this:


leftovers and meals from friends


leftovers and meals from friends


This one’s a bit more tricky, though I’ll probably have more kefir for breakfasts, and maybe even get back to my spicy creamy chicken broth routine for a few days. Hopefully we’ll get to go shopping soon and pick up some more eggs for my husband’s breakfasts, and fruit for both of us, otherwise we’re probably having lots of peanut butter toast this week.

Shopping List:

It’s worth noting that Aldi has some meats on sale, including Pork Butt Roast for $1.99/lb. They also have avocados for .49, roma tomatoes for .99/lb, navel oranges, $1.99/4lb, kiwi for $1.29/lb, and blueberries for $1.99/pint. (I’m focusing on the seasonal fruits, so skipping the blueberries, but getting oranges and kiwi.)

My own list is fairly short, as all we really need is eggs, fruit, and few ingredients that lend themselves to easy meals.

‘natural’ peanut butter, 3/$5

mayonnaise, about 2/$5

ramen noodles, $2(pk of 12)

organic salsa, about 4/$8

eggs, about 4/$5.50

oranges, $2/4lb

kiwi, $1.29



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