Menu Plan and Shopping List 12/18/14-12/24/14

It was a bad week to be a menu plan at our house. Our poor menu plan was twisted, pulled, ignored and pummeled this week. We skipped one social event because of illness but added another one we thought we were going to have to skip. We didn’t attend church fellowship meal (again, because of illness), and we’re still eating off of the rotisserie chicken that was intended for that meal. We’ve eaten grilled cheese sandwiches, frozen pizza, french onion soup, and a skillet¬†lunch composed of leftovers.

I think the only two meals that truly stuck to the menu plan were one social event (my husband’s workplace Christmas party) and apple cider glazed hamburgers with sweet potato fries (which were fabulous by the way).

As we’re heading into the last week before Christmas and I’m further behind than normal on gifts and wrapping and such I’m trying to keep this week’s meals pretty simple. If even when I’ve planned ends up being too complicated I will fall back on Costco hot dogs which I have stashed in the freezer.


Social Event

Apple Cider Brined Pork Loin, Roasted Apples, Rice (carried this one over from last week)

Spicy Chicken Thighs, Tortilla Chips with Nacho Cheese Sauce, Buttered Squash

Leftovers/Fridge Scrounging

Costco rotisserie chicken (for church fellowship meal)

Ground Beef and Potato Hash, Green Beans with Onions

Pork Loin, Mashed Sweet Potatoes


We should have enough leftovers for all the lunches except one. Depending on how that day is going, I may throw together a quick french onion soup for lunch, or make cheesy fried potatoes.


I’m moving back toward having creamy spicy chicken broth as a regular part of my breakfast, though it hasn’t quite been every day. Other than that, I’ve mostly had zucchini bread and fruit for breakfast.My husband has had eggs nearly every day for breakfast, sometimes with zucchini bread.

Next week will almost definitely continue with eggs for my husband, possibly with some fried potatoes thrown into the mix. I may or may not manage to keep up my chicken broth routine, but we do have more fruit and more zucchini bread (and Christmas cookies… but I’ll try not start eating those for breakfast until Christmas vacation officially starts).

Baking and Extras:

I did finally take care of my water kefir and the grains seem to have survived their extended ferment just fine (yay!). I also did some Christmas baking and cookie swapping with my husband’s family, so I have most of the basic necessary cookies for this season.

This week I’m keeping things simple, and other than keeping up with water kefir my only definite plan is to make salted caramel pretzel bark. (I may do more baking here and there over the actual Christmas celebrations while my husband is home, but I’m not making definite plans at this point.)

Shopping List:

I ended up doing my shopping already, picking up more turbinado sugar, nitrate free sausages for Christmas morning breakfast, tomato paste, and couple more rotisserie chickens at Costco. I also got some eggnog at Kroger, along with sour cream and package of chicken thighs.

The striking deals at Aldi this week are mandarin orange at $2.29/3 lb, navel oranges at $1.99/4 lb, black beans at $2/2lb and butter for $2.29/lb (yeah, butter’s just expensive, but that’s probably the best price around right now).

Hyvee has frozen veggies for .88 (10-16 oz packages).

Kroger has sour cream for $1 (of course, now that I already broke down and bought it…), frozen veggies for $1 (8-16 oz packages), eggs for $1.50/dozen and pears for .99/lb.




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