Pantry Challenge, Day 35: The End!

Today was the last official day of the pantry challenge. I’m glad we did it, and I’m also glad it’s over!

For breakfast this morning we once again had pumpkin pie and chia pudding, by which I mean that I had chia pudding and my husband had pumpkin pie.

We had an early lunch snack of the leftover sushi from last night before heading over to his family’s house to all get together and do Thanksgiving baking, so the rest of our meals today were eaten with them and were therefore uninteresting from a pantry challenge perspective.

Here are the notable bits if information I gleaned from 5 weeks of (mostly) not buying groceries:

*We will happily eat just about any kind of meat, or even fish. Chicken, beef, pork, salmon, sardines, crab… any kind of animal protein we had on hand, it was all good.

*We like eating a lot of protein. I did know this already, but it was actually rather gratifying to realize that as I tried stretching out the meat more the farther we got into the pantry challenge, the more we noticed carb crashing between meals and not feeling quite as well. I’ve always been resistant to the the ‘eat less meat’ theory of saving money on groceries, and this is more evidence that we really do feel better when we get to eat more meat.

*Broccoli, candied celery and alfalfa sprouts are good in sushi.

*Celery in general is really not that good, and worse after it’s frozen.

*There’s no reason for me to ever stock up on weird vegetables we don’t like to eat.

*There’s no reason for me to ever stock up on ANY weird food we don’t like to eat.

*I SHOULD stock up on meat, dairy and other basic foods that we eat a lot of.

*I SHOULD try lots new foods and recipes even if they seem weird (just in small quantities until we confirm whether they turn out well).

And now I am looking forward to a butter filled Thanksgiving meal tomorrow and going grocery shopping next week!

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all.

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