Pantry Challenge, Day 34: Turkey Sushi

For breakfast on Tuesday I (finally!) had made some breakfast food ahead, so we had pumpkin pie AND chia pudding.

I had lunch on my own, and as I tend to do when I’m eating only on my stomach’s schedule, I ate two small meals, one late morning and one early afternoon. For one meal I had leftover pasta from Monday’s lunch and for the other I had part of a meat and pasta dish that had been in the freezer. (It was originally about one and half portions of meat and pasta that had been leftover and I threw in the freezer because we had too many leftovers at the time already.)

For supper I made some interesting sushi. I did quite enjoy most of the sushi, and my husband said all of the ingredients I used were worth putting into our normal sushi rotation, but almost everything that went into the sushi was quite nontraditional.

I started with my normal nori sheets and sushi rice. I used (nitrate free) turkey lunchmeat for the meat in the sushi, and added various combinations of candied celery, homemade cheese, lentil sprouts and alfalfa sprouts. The lentil sprouts were my least favorite, but everything else was really good in the sushi, especially with some honey/olive oil/vinegar salad dressing, horseradish and pickled ginger to go with the sushi.


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