Pantry Challenge, Day 33: Meatloaf and Celery Fritters

For breakfast on Monday we had leftover millet, once again with honey and cinnamon.

For lunch I made a casserole sort of dish with leftover elbow macaroni I had in the fridge, white sauce, sliced up turkey lunchmeat and lots of spices. With the turmeric and onion powder being prominent flavors it kind of tasted like a hamburger helper (in a good way).

For supper I made meatloaf and celery fritters. The  meatloaf turned out really well just leaving out the egg and using plenty of oats and milk as a binder. I used a homemade ketchup based sauce on top and we really enjoyed having a ground beef based dish again.

The celery fritters were actually pretty good too, and would be a reasonable way to use up celery in the future. Yay for breading and frying! They would have actually been really good, except the celery texture was a bit tough after freezing, so it didn’t completely blend in to the fritter dough texture.


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