Menu Plan and Shopping List 11/27/14-12/3/14

You want to know something amazing? We made it through 35 days of the pantry challenge. You want to know something even more amazing? It’s finally over and I get to buy groceries!

Check out the pantry challenge posts if you want to see how it went on a day by day basis. The short version for this week is that we basically followed the menu plan, except that both salmon fillets and sardine fritters got bumped to make room for social events.

The one flaw in my plan for ending the pantry challenge the day before Thanksgiving is that I’m not sure when I’m going to go shopping to restock my pantry. We do have butter (and potatoes and apples) from my last Azure order that I’ve just been avoiding using until the pantry challenge is over, and some cheese, sour cream and ground beef leftover from fixings for a meal I made for friends. So, I will be able to expand my food options somewhat even before a grocery trip, but we will need meat pretty soon.

One thing that helps is that over the course of a holiday weekend (and a birthday thrown in next week) we’re going to be eating several meals that I’m contributing side dishes to, but not having to fix the whole meal.


Social Event x 3 (Imagine that…)

Leftovers/Fridge Scrounging

French Onion Crockpot Potatoes (for church fellowship meal)

Fried Potatoes with Ground Beef and Cheese (served with homemade ketchup), Green Beans

Sardine Fritters, Baked Beans (from the freezer), Zucchini Chips (I was really curious to try the sardine fritters, so I’m just moving this meal from last week)


With all the social events going on it’s really hard to tell how our leftovers situation will end up. If we run short on leftovers I’ll pull the Grave of Small Birds out of the freezer (we used most of our other freezer meals this week) and we can use salmon fillets or cheese as a protein for another meal. Or I’ll get really desperate and figure out how to fit a shopping day into our busy holiday schedule. 🙂


We eked a couple more fried potato breakfasts out of the few sprouting potatoes we had left this week, and I did finally make some chia pudding, as well as a pumpkin pie which we used for one breakfast. I also had the brilliant idea to try millet as a non-oatmeal breakfast porridge and that went pretty well (we topped it with cinnamon and honey).

This week I see lots of fried potatoes in our future, as well as any leftover pie we still have around, and possibly more smoothies or chia pudding. I’m not even going to try to get any bread baking done this week.

Baking and Extras:

I’ll be helping with some Thanksgiving baking (mostly pies) this week, and of course I’ll have to keep up with my water kefir fermentation, but beyond that I’m keeping extracurricular baking to a minimum.

Shopping List:

This week I’m buying… everything! Okay, that’s not true: no celery. Never again. (Except for stuffing.)

We do need to stock up on quite a few basics though. I’m not sure of sales yet this week, but here’s my basic Costco list for whenever I get the chance to go:

turbinado sugar, $8

ground beef and/or chicken thighs (the price seems to fluctuate quite a lot on these, so I always check the price but only buy if they’re within my budget)

cheddar cheese, $6/2lb (I had been buying the shredded cheddar cheese, but I may transition to buying the blocks, especially if they stay so much cheaper per pound!)

rotisserie chicken, $5

maybe organic whipping cream, about $8 (handy for holiday baking)


And my Aldi list:

eggs, about $1.50/doz

ground beef (if not bought at Costco), $7/3lb

onions, about $1.50/3lb

baking cocoa, not sure of price

yellow mustard, not sure, but probably less than $1

frozen pizza, $2/each (My husband was very supportive during the pantry challenge even with some weird meals–I think he deserves some frozen pizza now that it’s over.)

sweet potatoes, about .69 each

bananas, about .44/lb

frozen veggies, about $1

organic spaghetti, about $1.50


And my Kroger list, which is generally less urgent, but I’ll get to eventually:

sour cream (when on sale for $1)

chicken thighs, if not bought at Costco (when on sale for $1/lb)

canned crab, $2.79

macaroni, about .79


There will be more vegetables, and probably fruit, on my lists once I get some sales ads or get to the store and see what I can find a good deal on right now.

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