Pantry Challenge, Day 32: Salmon Chowder

For breakfast on Sunday I cooked up some millet which we sprinkled with cinnamon and drizzled with honey (I also added a splash of milk to mine). It made a pretty good breakfast and my husband seemed to enjoy it more than he would enjoy oatmeal.

For church fellowship meal we took salmon chowder, which I made from pretty basic ingredients: milk, chicken broth, a can of salmon, diced potatoes and sliced carrots. As with most things, a dash of turmeric really tied together all the flavors well, and I was pleased that most of the chowder got eaten. Sometimes when branching out beyond meat and potato type dishes it’s hard to tell what’s going to be popular and what’s going to be avoided, but I may make salmon chowder more often if it continues to be a popular dish even on repeat occasions.

Sunday evening we had a couple of my nieces and nephews over. We basically just scrounged leftovers for supper. I had an extra pizza crust left from Friday, so I topped it with the last of the leftover pizza sauce, the last of the leftover pork filling (from pork dumplings), the last chunk of leftover kombucha chicken (sliced thin) and homemade cheese. That made a surprisingly good pizza, and we rounded out the meal with beef stew from the freezer (which had originally been leftover shepherd’s pie filling).

The fact that we had guests becomes important, as you will understand when I inform you that we broke into the ice cream that I bought last Thursday. There are certain serious life topics that just need to be followed by ice cream, and under the comfort of guests clause in my pantry challenge rules, we did just that.

I’m actually very pleased that we’ve had minimal reason to invoke that clause, as feeding other people reasonable food has been mostly feasible even on the normal pantry challenge limits.

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