Pantry Challenge, Day 31: Leftovers

Saturday was kind of an odd day, not quite like our normal Saturdays or our normal week days. I fried up a couple of potatoes in olive oil for our breakfast (eaten with fermented ketchup, of course), then we went out to help with a moving day, which went surprisingly quickly. When we came home I proceeded to nap for about three hours.

I woke up hungry and we reheated our leftover Chinese food from Thursday as a late lunch and proceeded to graze on odds and ends of leftovers until my husband (who noted that I seemed especially tired) volunteered to cook up the leftover pork dumpling meat and dough into pork dumplings for supper.

I often appreciate the fact that my husband can throw together meals of ground beef and fried potatoes or pasta, but I sometimes forget that he can actually cook when he has the time to. It’s fun to be reminded of this fact on occasion. 🙂

Because we had extra meat leftover after he filled all the dough he fried up part of it to go with the pork dumplings for extra protein (it had been a fairly carby day up until then, so extra meat sounded really good to both of us). We ate it in bowls, liberally doused with faux soy sauce, and it was amazing.

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