Pantry Challenge, Day 30: Sardine Pizza and Pear Sauce

On Friday, which was day 30 of our pantry challenge, my husband had the last of the rice pudding for breakfast and I fixed myself peanut butter oatmeal. My husband’s not a big fan of oatmeal, but I am, and I’m surprised I didn’t think of adding it in for my pantry challenge breakfasts sooner.

For lunch we each had our restaurant leftovers from the night before, with a little bit of food swapping to balance out the meals.

Supper was sardine pizza. I think I messed up the crust, which has turned out really well for me before (I used a different flour this time which might be the problem). I put leftover pizza sauce on the crust along with sardines, homemade cheese and a sprinkle of mozzerella.

My husband summed up sardine pizza by saying it wasn’t like normal pizza, but was very good as it’s own thing. I found it to be more ‘meh’, but I think that had more to do with the crust being off than the topping, which seemed like they should have worked fine.

Oh, and as a side to the pizza I made pear sauce out of this can of pears we had in the pantry. We don’t really eat canned fruit (except maybe pineapple), so I’m not sure I thought it was a good idea to buy canned pears, but I put them to good use in the pear sauce, with a sprinkle of cinnamon, and it was really nice to have a bit of fruit in our meal.

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