Pantry Challenge, Day 29: Eating Out and Grocery Shopping (Costco and Kroger)

Thursday was a very odd food day. We had leftover rice pudding for breakfast, which was on track for how food has been lately.

After that, however, we ate out the rest of the day. I almost feel like this was cheating on the pantry challenge somehow, but since it would have worked out this way regardless of our pantry challenge status, I’m trying to be chill and not stress about having to tell all of you about it.

We discovered the day before that we had Seize the Deal vouchers to a local Chinese place that expired on Friday. Clearly, we should not let this happen, and we needed to use the vouchers as soon as possible, so we planned a lunch date for Thursday.

We had also already planned to go out to dinner with my husband’s parents that evening, as we were finally making use of their Christmas present last year which was a ‘coupon’ for them to take us out to dinner. We had a very nice dinner at a local restaurant called Salt, which my husband and I had not been to before, but had heard good things about. Everything we ate was very good, but possibly the most interesting thing we ordered was the fried deviled eggs. I didn’t have any (pesky egg allergy) but I’m pretty sure just knowing they exist should inspire some sort of burst of culinary creativity.

Since I didn’t have any meals to video for the pantry challenge post, I did a video of my grocery shopping haul for the day, with explanations of why I bought what I did and how it fits into the pantry challenge rules (hint: we’re not eating most of it during the pantry challenge).

I spent about $40 at Costco and got green beans, garlic and apple cider for our Thanksgiving meal, cheese for meal I’m making and giving away to friends who recently had a baby (leftover cheese will be saved for after the pantry challenge is over) and organic canned pumpkin which I only got because I didn’t want to miss the time where it was in stock at Costco, and we will also not be eating it until after the pantry challenge is over.

I spent about $15 on food at Kroger (this number is approximate because I also had some non food purchases, such as white vinegar, which I ONLY use for cleaning). There I got sour cream and ground beef, which like the cheese is destined for the  meal I’m giving away, and whatever’s left will also be saved for after the pantry challenge is over. I also picked up cabbage, which I’m using to make sauerkraut for someone else (and regardless the sauerkraut wouldn’t be ready until after the pantry challenge is over), and ice cream.

Admittedly, the ice cream does not really fit into the rules of the pantry challenge, but I needed it for a video I’m going to film with an idea for using up some of your Thanksgiving leftovers. In order to get the video posted in a timely way I’m going to have to film the video during our pantry challenge, so we will probably cheat on the pantry challenge in that one small way. I assure you, we will be very good and only eat as much of the ice cream as we have to as responsible food bloggers.

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