Pantry Challenge, Day 28: Pork Dumplings and Roasted Cabbage

Wednesday morning we had rice pudding for breakfast. (Yay!)

For lunch we had leftover chicken, lentils and creamed celery. It was an okay meal to start with, but for some reason after eating most of the leftovers I decided I really never wanted to see this meal again, and threw away what was left. I did save a small piece of chicken that was left, and I probably would have saved the lentils if they hadn’t been down  to a couple of spoonfuls that were covered with celery sauce, so I guess it was the creamed celery I really didn’t like, but I’m really not sure why.

Supper was a very good (almost normal) meal. I made pork dumplings, with a few minor adjustments for missing ingredients and roasted some cabbage we had in the freezer.

I’ve noticed that frozen cabbage often loses its natural sweetness and gains a bitter edge, and I really didn’t want a repeat of the celery experience, so I took some extra care seasoning the cabbage. I sliced it up fairly thin, coated it with olive oil, added plenty of salt and pepper, a good hearty dash of garlic powder and small dash of cayenne, then drizzled it with a couple of tablespoons of maple syrup (the last of what we had left in the fridge at the start of the pantry challenge–there are just drippings left which I may rinse out with hot water and add to something else if it seems called for). I roasted the cabbage at 400 for 30 or 40 minutes and it came out very well. I would make cabbage like that again.

The pork dumpling sauce seemed a little off to me, but the pork dumplings themselves tasted normal despite the adjustments, so it was a refreshingly good meal after a meh meal the night before.

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