FAIL (mostly): Fermented Carrot Apple Relish

FAIL: Fermented Carrot Apple Relish

 I really wanted this to work. It’s such a good idea: a combination of fall foods that go well together, fermented for extra nutritional punch. It should have been the ultimate fall condiment.

The worst part is, it really isn’t bad. The flavors almost work the way I want them to, and if you can just get past the tongue twisting sourness at the front, it could be pretty good. In theory, I still think this would go well on a pork chop or something similar, but when I tried it on a hot dog I just kept thinking that it would have been better without the relish.

Please, if anyone has any ideas for how to use up a pint of almost good, very healthy fermented autumnal relish, comment below and let me know! If I get enough interesting ideas, maybe I’ll do a video episode all about uses for Carrot Apple Relish. 🙂

Healthiness Rating: Healthy

This relish would be a perfect part of a fall cleanse: probiotics, apples, carrots, ginger… It’s really quite amazingly good for you.

Yumminess Rating: Yuck

It’s not that it’s actually disgusting, it’s just that it’s not worth eating.

Fermented Carrot Apple Relish

3/4 cup grated apple

1 1/4 cups grated carrot

1 TBSP sea salt

1 TBSP turbinado sugar (if you’re going to make this despite my rating, try increasing the sugar for enough sweetness to balance the tang)

1 TBSP raw apple cider vinegar (optional…)

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp powdered ginger

Mix all ingredients and pack tightly into a pint jar. If needed, add enough filtered water to cover the carrots and apples completely. Cap loosely and leave it on the counter to ferment for 3-7 days. Refrigerate.

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