Pantry Challenge, Day 7: Burritos

Breakfast today was toast from the homemade bread I made yesterday. My husband ate his with peanut butter and honey, as is his habit. I also had my creamy, spicy broth, just a little later in the morning as a snack.

Lunch was grilled cheese sandwiches with leftover tomato soup, and a small glass of water kefir fermented ginger ale. (This batch had just a bit of cinnamon, which I think provided a nice depth of background flavor without being overhwelming, but I’m definitely going to keep experimenting with flavor variations.)

Supper is burritos using uncooked flour tortillas I got at Costco. They come in a monster size package, containing two packs of 25 tortillas each. I actually had to throw away some of the tortillas from the first pack we opened because they got moldy before we ate them all, so I’m feeling motivated to come up with lots of uses for tortillas now that we’ve opened the second pack. Maybe I could make a big batch of Cinnamon Crisps for a party or something…

For burrito fillings we have ground beef (from the freezer), rice (leftover from serving the Grave of Small Birds–I figured a bit of chicken flavor wouldn’t hurt anything, and we ended up with quite a bit of rice that needed to be used up from that meal), beans (from the pantry), sour cream, salsa and cheese.

Fortunately, I do have a block of cheese in the fridge for when we run out of shredded cheese, but I may have to hoard my cheese just a bit to get it to last through this pantry challenge. I think there’s some mozzerella in the freezer though, so I guess our cheese situation won’t get too desperate.

For dessert, I came up with a brownie pudding to use up some heavy whipping cream that’s near expiration and some nearly stale brownies. (Yes, brownies do sometimes sit around until they get stale at our house.) I whipped the cream, mixed in cream cheese and bit of turbinado sugar, then crumbled the brownies into it. I’m not saying that I’ve been sneaking tastes of it already, but I will say that I’m quite confident it turned out well.

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