Pantry Challenge, Day 6: Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

Breakfast today was back to our standards: eggs for my husband, creamy spicy chicken broth for me.

Lunch was leftover rice and Grave of Small Birds. (I put out some raw veggies and dip too, but I seemed to be coming down with a cold today, and didn’t eat much for lunch in general, and barely any veggies.)

Despite not feeling that great, I did finish making the bread that I started soaking yesterday. It’s amazing how much eating Ezekiel bread inspires me to start baking again! I’ve been missing soft whole wheat bread…

Since was feeling pretty tired though, it seemed like a good day to use the simple meal that I skipped making yesterday in favor of using up leftovers. So, for supper I used my fresh bread to make grilled cheese sandwiches and made tomato soup out of tomato paste, milk and spices. (I like using tomato paste for tomato soup because I can use plenty of milk to counteract the acidity and still have fairly thick soup.)

It’s not that thrilling as far as the pantry challenge goes (I used up a couple of cups of wheat from my five gallon bucket and a tablespoon of yeast from the quart jar of yeast in my fridge) but it made a really good meal.

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