Pantry Challenge, Days 4 & 5: Grave of Small Birds (with broccoli and rice)

Here’s yesterday pantry challenge post, which I mostly wrote, but didn’t quite manage to get posted in the evening.

For our church fellowship meal we took a Costco rotisserie chicken that I had in the freezer, but that’s the last time during our pantry challenge that I’ll be able to fall back on that easy meal, so I’m going to have to get more creative (and use more energy) for church fellowship meals.

Sunday afternoon we went to a St Crispin’s Day party which revolved around watching Henry V for the the St Crispin’s Day speech before the battle of Agincourt. Though there wasn’t a specific medieval theme for the food (which was potluckish), I thought it would be fun to try to make something that at least suggested the right era.

I found this recipe for Grave of Small Birds (apparently that’s an early way of saying chicken and gravy) that fit the bill perfectly. I spent a little extra time boiling down the wine sauce to make it a bit thicker and more gravyish, which only slightly worked, but it still had a good flavor despite the thin sauce.

Today (Monday) we had leftover oyster chowder for lunch, along with my first attempt at water kefir ginger ale, which turned out pretty well. I may need to cut back on the fermentation time so that it stays a bit more carbonated, but my husband approved it anyway and said it tasted like ginger beer. We also had some apple slices for our official fruit or vegetable representation.

For supper we had leftover Grave of Small Birds, which I reheated over some cooked rice I had in the freezer to soak up all the lovely thin gravy, and garlic broccoli on the side.

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