Pantry Challenge, Day 3: Salmon and Hummus

No video today, but I snapped a couple pictures of our pantry challenge dinner.

For breakfast we went out to Einstein Bros Bagels, and for lunch we ate hot dogs with the last bit of leftover chili, (naturally there was also fermented ketchup involved) and broccoli and pepper strips with french onion dip.

For supper I would have warmed up the leftover oyster chowder, but for some reason my husband and I were both wanting a more protein heavy meal, so I dug some salmon fillets out of the freezer. This is where the first element of the pantry challenge started to kick in. Normally, I would serve salmon fillets with a mayo or yogurt sauce, but I neglected to buy plain yogurt before the beginning of the challenge (a large oversight, because with just a little bit of yogurt I could have continued making my own yogurt from our weekly milk as long as I needed to) and I’m already hoarding the amount of mayo we have left, hoping it will stretch nearly to the end of the pantry challenge if I’m careful.

The solution: hummus.

pantry challenge day 3

 I had a can of garbanzo beans sitting in the pantry, and I didn’t mind at all adding even more protein to our meal, so made a quick batch of hummus to go with our salmon fillets. Didn’t it turn out pretty?

Salmon and Hummus

 My husband said it actually tasted good together too, so that may go in my normal rotation as a salmon fillet sauce even after our pantry challenge ends.

 We also ate slices of apple, but we finished them off while we were waiting for the salmon fillets to cook, so they didn’t make it into the picture.

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