Pantry Challenge, Day 2: Oyster Chowder

On day 2 of the pantry challenge I’m still just cooking with normal ingredients. I used a can of oysters I’ve had sitting in the pantry for a few weeks, chicken stock from the freezer, and milk that was probably going to go bad soon if I didn’t use it up, but nothing spectacularly interesting from a pantry challenge perspective.

I made a super short video showing the ingredients I used in my oyster chowder, but I had about 15 minutes between walking in the door after having coffee with a friend and walking out the door to pick up my husband for our 40 Days For Life prayer slot. I spent 1 minute videoing ingredients and the rest of my time chopping potatoes, making a roux and throwing ingredients in the crockpot to cook while I was gone.

I was going to add some broccoli (chopped very fine) but forgot until it was too late.

I realized this morning that in about a week I’m going to have start getting creative about breakfasts, or break down and buy more eggs for my husband’s breakfasts. We’ll see which way I go… (For myself, I’ve been happy with creamy, spicy broth for breakfast most days.)

For lunch today we finished off the freezer lasagna and had some orange pepper strips for our veggie.

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