Pantry Challenge, Day 1

I may not post daily, but I decided I should post at least semi regular updates on how the pantry challenge (or in my case, more of a freezer challenge) is going.

The basic rule of this pantry challenge is that I may not purchase groceries during the challenge. I will allow myself exceptions, because the main point of the challenge is to force myself to use up odd bits of ingredients I’ve collected, NOT to accidentally become vegetarians if we run out of meat. So, I will allow myself to buy groceries on a limited basis after asking the questions, (a) Can we reasonably go without it? and (b) Will it make someone else’s life more difficult if we don’t buy it (such as, ingredients if we need to do a nicer meal for having guests over)?

I’m loosely aiming for this challenge to last a month, or until I need to start buying ingredients for Thanksgiving, but it’s mostly a challenge of seeing how long I can go, rather than aiming for specific end date.

As an added bonus to getting my freezer cleaned out, doing this challenge now should allow me save up some extra grocery money to spend on fun holiday foods over the following month.

I made a short video of some of the contents of my freezers and showing the lasagna freezer meal which will make the main course for the first dinner of our pantry challenge.


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