Menu Plan 10/23/14-10/29/14

The first part of the week I followed my menu plan closely, and then ended up with a lot of leftovers that needed to be used up, and disregarded the latter half of the menu plan because of that.

Our League of Legends ‘superbowl’ world championship party probably deserved it’s own post, but sadly, I only got a couple pictures of the food before we tore into it. I had a lot of trouble shopping for it because we were doing some junk food for the appropriate superbowl vibe, and I’m not used to that. It took me a LONG time to figure out where to find the Little Debbies (In the bread aisle? Really? Wouldn’t the snack aisle make a lot more sense?) and I never did find the individual sized bags of Fritos I wanted, so I revised the plan to chili cheese dogs instead.

(Unless you’re a video game nerd, the next couple paragraphs may be incomprehensible to you.)

We laid out the food roughly in the shape of the map League of Legends is played on using candy bars for the roads, Swiss Rolls for the turrets, chili in loaf pans for the river, broccoli for the patches of bushes, tubs of french onion dip representing the nexus area and the hot dogs and the rest of the food generally representing the jungle area.

I made red (health potion) punch out of cranberry raspberry juice and ginger ale–it wasn’t quite bright enough red, but it was a lot closer than the pinterest recipe I started to try that also added orange and lemon juices. For a blue (mana potion) punch I had to fall back on artificial coloring to get the right blue, so I used unsweetened blue raspberry lemonade koolaid, added evaporated cane juice and mixed it with half water and half lemon lime soda.

(Okay, it’s safe, the rest of you non video game nerds can come back now.)

The rest of the food plan for the week was completely scrapped, as I mentioned, to use up leftovers. Last night we had leftover rotisserie chicken cubed and thrown in a skillet with diced organic potatoes, broccoli (because surprisingly few people ate the broccoli bushes at our party) and diced green, yellow and orange bell peppers (also left over from the party).

Today for lunch we had leftover chili, and for supper I made yet another incarnation of the leftover rotisserie chicken as chicken salad for sandwiches.

I feel as though we still have a lot of leftovers, but that’s mostly because our fridge is packed full of leftover drinks from our ‘nerd superbowl’ party, including not just the leftover punches, but the failed start of the first red punch I tried to make, and various ingredients left over from making the punches, like extra juice and ginger ale. (Too bad there’s no such thing as a detoxing punch fast, huh?)

However, because in general my fridge and freezers are very full, I’m starting a pantry month this week, where I try to mostly use ingredients from my pantry and especially my freezers. I’m not going to be doing a strict pantry month, and there a few ingredients I will still buy if we run out (for instance, we’ll still be getting our raw milk every week, and if we completely run out of meat or butter I’ll replace those).

This will (a) help me set aside some extra grocery money for special Thanksgiving and Christmas foods, (b) clear out space in my freezers for extra turkey and other good sale foods around the holidays and (c) help me to use up some of those sale foods I overly stocked up on last year.


Freezer ‘Skillet’ Lasagna (this was originally made in the crockpot, and I do not expect it to have stayed remotely combobulated after its stay in the freezer.) with Garlic Broccoli

Oyster Chowder (Because I really wanted to make this last week and held off to use up leftovers.)

Leftovers/Fridge Scrounging

Costco rotisserie chicken (for church fellowship meal)

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Tomato Soup

Orange Chicken Thighs, Rice and Sauteed Onions and Peppers



There should be plenty of leftovers to cover all of the lunches, though I may end up  making something new out of odds and ends of leftovers, like a soup or skillet lunch.


My habit of Thai broth for breakfast has remained, though it hasn’t been quite as consistent this week. Thai broth with toast or strips of bell pepper has been all that I needed until mid morning most days. Saturday we had pancakes, which turned out very will with organic white flour from Costco. (I tend to alternate between white flour and whole wheat flour for pancakes, as my husband is okay with whole wheat but doesn’t love it, and I actually usually prefer the texture and flavor of whole wheat pancakes.)

Baking and Extras:

I really need to get back in my kombucha groove. I’m also getting some water kefir grains given to me, which I’m very excited to try (I hear they’re the best way to make homemade fermented sodas).

Oh, and I still need to make that dutch apple pie for my husband’s team at work. And it’s about time to film a healthy brownie recipe video, now that I’ve got my recipe worked out…

Shopping List:

Obviously, I’m not going shopping this week (Though at some point this fall before the farmer’s market closes I do need to pick up some squash. It would be sad to miss the squash season…) I also did not get my Kroger and Hyvee ads in the mail today, so I can’t tell you if they have any good deals this week. (Judging by the fact that I’m not shopping though, they probably have amazing deals, so you should check them out and see.)

Aldi has pomegranates for .79, and blackberries and raspberries for 1.49/pkg. Not super amazing deals, but worth it if you want to get an early start on pomegranates or sneak in a few last berries before winter.



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