Breakfast: juice made from organic apples and organic carrots

Morning Snack: Ezekiel bread with butter and molasses

Lunch: Aldi frozen pizza (with a side of salad made from organic greens and sprouts, craisins and organic peppercorn ranch dressing)

Yep, that’s how we roll. Organic whole grains, sprouts, turbinado sugar, and then bam, mixed right in with the acceptable healthy foods we’ll fix some white pasta, or go out for ice cream or something else equally shocking.

Some people would consider this to be inconsistent. It doesn’t take long of reading comments on real food blogs to realize that some people consider any single mouthful of food that wasn’t made from 100% organic ingredients, Weston Price approved (or Paleo approved, or raw, depending on your flavor of healthy eating) counts a failure and a debit against all the health they’ve built up by eating real, healthy food.

But it is not my goal in life to eat a 100% organic diet (nor am I really interested in choking down whatever the current cool super food is just to pile up more generic ‘health’ in my life).

Most of the time, it is most consistent with my overall goals of keeping our grocery budget reasonable and eating on overall balanced diet to cook our meals from scratch, and when I am cooking, I want to use the best ingredients I can to provide a combination of maximum nutrition and maximum flavor.

Sometimes other life goals are more applicable to the moment, such as spending as much free time as possible with my husband, keeping my stress levels down or focusing on whatever my current important project is.  In those cases, it is completely consistent with my overall goals to throw in a frozen pizza.

How about you? Are your food choices more consistent with your goals in life, or with someone else’s idea of what frugal/healthy/trendy eating should look like? Or do you just coast and eat whatever’s easiest without thinking about how food fits in with your goals?

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