Reality Check: Groceries, 10/2/14

You can see my original menu plan and shopping list for this week here.

Costco Trip 10/2/14

 This is what I got on my Costco trip today. I also got some socks and light bulbs, and used a $20 gift card that I got for purchasing my Costco membership through a LivingSocial deal. That means the total cost of the food pictured here was about $107, but I only spent $100 out of my grocery budget.

I try to go shopping about once every two weeks, and $100 is about 1 1/2 weeks worth of grocery money for me, so I have money left over in case I decide to do a quick Aldi run for sour cream and desk snacks for my husband to keep at the office. (I mentioned in the video thinking of going to Kroger for sour cream, but later decided that Aldi makes more sense.) I’ll probably even be able to set some money aside for my Azure Standard order later in the month.

Also, a lot of these items will last us longer than two weeks. The case of hard cider will last us a good couple of months (or more if we don’t end up sharing it at any social events), and the tomato paste, frozen broccoli and juice, along with possibly the cheese, cream cheese and carrots will last us for three to four weeks or more.

As you can see, I did not purchase any ground beef or raw chicken. The price on ground beef was up a $1 a pound from last time I bought it at Costco, and I have enough ground beef in the freezer to get us through this week’s menu plan. I may have to pick up some more at Aldi for next week, but I’ll play that by ear.

The whipping cream was splurge purchase, partially justified by the fact that I’m trying out this Creamy Garlic Pasta recipe this week, and while I could just use milk with a little extra butter, I’ll get a more accurate idea of the recipe if I use the cream as is originally called for. (You know how I hate to change recipes. *cough, cough* Ahem.)

When I made my original shopping list I’d forgotten that I would need butter before another two weeks was up, and despite the fact that price on butter was up to $3.10/lb, butter is not optional around here.

I also picked up some more tomato paste, since I might be shopping at Kroger/Aldi for my next shopping trip, and my Costco organic tomato paste is also an essential pantry item, because that’s what I use to make my homemade ketchup. (Not only is this the only tomato paste I can find that only has one ingredient, but it’s also cheaper per can than I can usually find any tomato paste in other stores.)

I picked up the juice, not because we normally make a habit of drinking juice, but because it’s really nice to have some on hand in case of sickness or unexpected guests or needing it to make mixed drinks.

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