Menu Plan and Shopping List 9/18/14-10/1/14

I started out staying on menu plan pretty well this week, but after catching a cold AND going to Six Flags over the weekend, I just made the most of the leftovers that needed to be used up instead of making new dishes.

I made a salmon salad for sandwiches for lunch at Six Flags, which stayed in a cooler in the car because food isn’t allowed into the park. That worked out perfectly, because a break from all the people and noise in the middle of the day turned out to be something I needed anyway!

Since then we’ve eaten the leftover salmon salad as sandwiches with sprouts or mayo or capers or cheese, and once in a grilled cheese sandwich, with crackers, with tortilla chips, and once I ate it for breakfast on toast, with sprouts and fermented garlic.

We’ve also had leftover Costco rotisserie chicken with ramen noodles (yes, white flour, but I skip the spice packet and season it myself), in sandwiches, and simply as cold chicken.

Last night we tried out the food at Noodles & Company for the first time. At about $9 a person it didn’t qualify as cheap food, but it was definitely inexpensive for the quality of food they serve. It was fast, it tasted good, and we could tell they used good, fresh ingredients. I don’t think it will become one of our regular restaurants, but it is definitely someplace we’ll be going back to every so often.

Because we have a vacation coming up I’ll be posting my menu plan for the next TWO weeks, and it will include some vacation food, so don’t be startled if it looks a little different from normal.


Possible social event (I don’t have details on this, but if it doesn’t happen like I thought, this meal will probably be leftovers or eating out)

Eating out (because of traveling, I suspect this will happen at least once)

Salmon salad sandwiches with sprouts

Hamburgers (with fermented ketchup) and spinach artichoke dip

Leftovers/Fridge Scrounging day

Crockpot Lasagna (for church fellowship meal)

Chicken Burritos and grapes (x2)

Hamburgers (with fermented ketchup), fried potatoes, sprout salad (x2)

Costco rotisserie chicken (for church fellowship meal)

Turkey rice casserole with garlic green beans


Mexican Casserole with peas


While we’re on vacation our lunches will mostly consist of sandwiches with some sprouts, fruit and maybe carrots. There may also be at least one day of eating out for lunch, depending on our traveling schedule. Other than that we’re on the standard plan of leftovers for lunch. If we run short of leftovers I may make quesadillas or another batch of salmon salad to fill the gap.


With a cold going through our house the amount of dairy involved in making smoothies didn’t seem like such a great idea after all, so we only had smoothies once. I did rediscover peanut butter honey toast this week, and actually did odd breakfasts like leftovers or raw carrots a couple of times this week. (I think I get more weird when I have a cold…)

I’m hoping my subscribe and save order comes before vacation, because it includes a case of Larabars I got a really good deal on. If that’s not an option for our breakfasts, I’ll probably make up a batch of pancake or waffle batter ahead of time and get plenty of peanut butter and fruit and yogurt (oh, and eggs for my husband).

Baking and Extras:

I need to make cheese to use up some older milk and keep making alfalfa sprouts, because we are really enjoying sprouts right now. I also should make a new batch of kombucha, and use up some apples that I sliced up and stuck in the fridge with lemon juice, as they are now nearing the end of their life expectancy. The may be as simple as throwing them into smoothie or oatmeal, but if I can muster the energy it would be fun to do a baking project with them.

Shopping List:

Kroger has some decent sales this week, like grapes for 99 cents/lb (if you’re okay with non-organic grapes), frozen veggies for $1 and Private Selection single serve greek yogurt for .39 when you buy in multiples of four.

Here’s a selection of my shopping list for the week (and this is me trying not to cringe about spending extra money on vacation food):

organic grapes, about $4/2lb

baby carrots, about $1.50

Hansen’s root beer, about $4

Mayonnaise, $2.50

whole wheat bread, 4/$4

Canned crab, about 3/$8.40

nitrate free lunch meat, about 2/$7

cheese for sandwiches about $2.50

greek yogurt, 8/$3

sour cream, about $1.30

frozen veggies, 4/$4




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