Other Fall Cleansing and Detoxifying Ideas (Part 4)

In parts one, two and three of this series on fall cleansing ideas, I talked about foods that are specifically in season in the fall, and natural detoxifying effects that come from eating these seasonal foods. To finish up I’m going to mention a few general ideas for detoxifying that could be used year round, but may be helpful to incorporate into any fall cleanse you want to do.

Daily Detox Teas/Green Tea/Herbal Teas

I don’t know enough about different detox tea blends to suggest a specific one, but I know there are plenty out there that claim to be effective while being gentle enough for daily use. I suggest either buying from a brand you trust or reading labels and doing some research on ingredients. Personally, I would avoid anything that claims weight loss benefits unless you’re comfortable with all the ingredients listed, just because weight loss products are often more formulated for hype than good health and true detoxing.

You could also choose a single ingredient tea that encourages cleansing, such as green tea (which speeds up the liver and increases production of detoxifying enzymes), dandelion root tea (flush toxins and promotes healing) or tulsi, also known as holy basil (antibacterial, anti viral, anti fungal, supports the liver and is anti-inflammatory).

And if it’s not cold enough yet in your area for you to enjoy a nice hot cup of tea, you could make cold brewed tea latte (preferably honey sweetened) to make your daily dose of detoxification a little more enjoyable.


Lemons may not technically be a year round fruit, but they do come very close, ripening continually in different parts of the country from fall through late spring.

Lemons are another food infamous for detoxifying, popular uses being to put lemon juice in a mug of hot water every morning (yum?) and the master cleanse/lemonade diet. I suggest incorporating lemon into your diet a little more naturally by making this natural gatorade (don’t forget you can add a pinch of ginger!) or at least adding  a tea bag and drizzle of honey to your morning hot water and lemon.

Also, the peel of the lemon probably contains a lot more detoxifying properties than the juice, so consider sprinkling lemon zest across your salad or meat (or pasta, for that matter, if you’re not doing an intensive cleanse) to activate more detoxification enzymes in your liver.

Detox Baths

Simply adding 1 cup of epsom salts, 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar, 1/2 cup of baking soda, 1/2 cup of hydrogen peroxide or 2-4 TBSP fresh grated or powdered ginger, or some combination of the above, to your warm bath water can help draw toxins out of your body through your skin.

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