Fall Cleansing and Detoxifying Foods, Part 3

For more information see parts one and two of this series.


Ginger could be considered a year round food, but it is often harvested in the fall, so you may be able to find very fresh ginger more easily at this time of year.

While not necessarily directly involved in detoxifying the body, ginger does two things that make cleanses more effective in general.  First, it has a warming effect, tending to boost metabolism and body temperature, which makes your body more energetic in general and creates a less friendly environment for toxins. Second, it improves digestion, which makes elimination of the toxins quicker and more efficient, as well as allowing the body to absorb  other nutrients and detoxifying foods more effectively.

You can use fresh ginger to make tea, run a knob of ginger through your juicer with your other produce, grate a small amount into your smoothie or add some to your bath for a detox bath. You can also use powdered ginger in any of the above uses, as well as general baking. Or add a large pinch of powdered ginger to this natural electrolyte drink recipe, to make a ginger tonic that one of my sisters uses often to boost her metabolism (and relieve female cramping).


Grapes are so popular as a detox food, that there is an entire detox diet that consists of nothing but grapes. They are high in antioxidants, and stimulate the cleansing action of the liver. Do note that grapes are on the dirty dozen list (meaning, they contain some of the most pesticides of any produce available) so organic grapes might be more effective at helping you get rid of toxins without just introducing more into your system.

I wouldn’t recommend a grape exclusive diet, but eating plenty of grapes or raisins as snacks would be one simple way to boost your detoxification. (You could even mix those raisins with some pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries for a super detoxifying trail mix.)


Like ginger, carrots could be considered a year round vegetable, but are often harvested most heavily in the fall.

Because of the amount of fiber they contain, carrots are a good addition to any colon cleanse, but in addition they are particularly well suited to absorb excess hormones out of the body for expulsion. Also, particularly when eaten first thing in the morning, they help expel intestinal worms. (If a couple of raw carrots first thing in the morning doesn’t sound appealing to you, you might try starting your day with some carrot/apple juice for this effect.)

For cleanses, carrots are best eaten raw. You might snack on them with some homemade french onion dip, add them to juices, add them to your coleslaw or green salad, or even try fermenting them for a double cleansing whammy.


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