Menu Plan and Shopping List 9/11/14-9/17/14

I switched out a few meals this last week, but over all I used the same main ingredients I’d been planning to use.

Instead of salmon patties for one dinner I made grilled cheese sandwiches (which was my ‘fill in if lunches are needed’ meal), and then the next day for lunch we had a salmon salad (much like tuna salad, made with canned salmon) with crackers. I have decided that salmon salad needs to be in my fridge as a snack option on a regular basis. It’s a protein snack, with a bonus for being fish, and since the Aldi price on canned salmon had dropped to $2.09 last time I was there, eating even half a can’s worth wouldn’t be unreasonably expensive for a healthy snack.

My whole wheat New York style pizza crust came out well, and I think I’m very close to perfecting it. I just need to make it a little more reliably crispy, as this batch came out of the oven crispy but went soft very quickly sitting on table.

Instead of crockpot lasagna I simplified and took to church fellowship meal one of the extra lemon basil garlic chicken pizzas I made on Friday.

As always, the homemade whole wheat chicken strips were a hit, and I realized that now that I’ve made the recipe several times I can work on other projects while they’re frying, so it only took me thirty minutes to make the chicken strips and a batch of homemade ketchup to go with them. I think of fried meals as tedious to make, so it’s cool to realize that once I have my system down, this one is actually pretty quick.

The sprout salad I made was also (surprisingly) a hit. It was about half red lentil sprouts and half alfalfa sprouts, with some parmesan and little bits of sharp cheese, topped with homemade ranch. That one needs to stay in my regular recipe rotation!

Both the burritos meal and and sushi meal got moved, one for an unplanned social event and one because I’m feeling kind of crummy and just pulled a Mexican casserole out of the freezer for supper tonight. (Side note: I’d eventually like start doing bigger freezer cooking sessions combined with longer term meal planning, but even just making a double batch of supper and throwing half in the freezer has worked really well for me.) I will be serving that planned avocado salad with the Mexican casserole, but because avocados are so difficult to time right (especially Aldi avocados) some of them went bad before I got them cut up to use.


Hamburgers with mayo and fermented ketchup, baby carrots

Pizza with sprout salad

Social Event

Costco rotisserie chicken (for church fellowship meal)

Chicken thighs (spiced depending on my mood, so probably garlic), spinach artichoke dip with tortilla chips

Sushi (third time’s the charm?)



I think we’ll have sufficient leftovers for lunches, and if not I’ll probably do something with pasta and possibly tuna to fill in the gaps.


On Saturday I made waffles based on an idea I read for adding triple sec to waffle batter, which was good, but not as amazing as the orange sauce I made to put on top of the waffles. For weekday breakfasts we’ve been solidly on eggs (for my husband) and toast recently, except for the occasions where I decide that I’d rather just eat salmon salad or a frothed milk steamer for breakfast, but I’d really like to get smoothies back in the rotation a couple of times this week.

Baking and Extras:

Making pickled ginger is at the top of my list this week. I may also need to make a new batch of kombucha. Beyond that, I’m just going to leave it open to do some fun baking if I have time and energy.

Shopping List:

There are only a few good sales at Kroger and Aldi this week (88 cents for frozen vegetables at Kroger is the only memorable one), which was disappointing until I found a deal on Costco memberships and bought one, so my entire shopping list is for Costco this week.

Before I proceed to the list, let me fill you in on this deal, just in case you’re also in the market for a Costco membership. If you purchase a membership through Living Social, here, you will pay $55 for a basic Costco membership. This is the normal price BUT with this deal you also get a $20 gift card and coupons for a few free items like their rotisserie chicken (which is allergen friendly and pretty close to healthy for ready made food) and toilet paper (and let’s face it, everyone can use free toilet paper).

There are several items that I’m going to price check while I’m there, but here are some of the ones I know I want to buy this week:

organic tomato paste, $6/12pk (this is what I use for making my homemade ketchup)

turbinado sugar, about $8/6lb

organic white flour, about $8/10lb? (so I can make sometimes make white flour treats without having to be concerned about GMOs)

Mountain High plain yogurt, about $4/64oz (this works really well as a starter for my homemade yogurt, so I could use some after the fridge fiasco two weeks ago)

chicken thighs, .79/lb (I’m planning to buy at least 20 lb of these to have on hand for easy church fellowship meal dishes and inexpensive weeknight dinners)

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