Fall Cleanse and Detoxification Ideas, Part 1

As I mentioned in this post, the slow fade of Fall into Winter is a time when our bodies naturally tend to prepare for the coming colder weather by getting rid of accumulated toxins, and some of the Fall produce helps to encourage this natural inclination.

Over the next couple of days I’m going to point out some of the Fall foods that help encourage the gentle cleansing (some of which you may not have even thought of as seasonal foods), possibly along with some other non-seasonal ideals for daily or gentle detoxification.


Apples are very notable in their ability to absorb and help eliminate toxins. Not only does a high pectin content generally absorb toxins and move them out of the body, and encourage the flushing of the liver and gallblader, but both the pectin and the glucaric acid content may help the body to specifically get rid of heavy metals and estrogen like chemicals.

You can go to any lengths you like in embracing the cleansing effect of apples, from eating nothing but raw apples for two days, to including apples in a fresh juice blend (whether as part of a cleanse or just morning glass of juice), to just following the ‘apple a day’ adage.


While I have found only the vaguest hints that pumpkin might help in detoxifying, I did discover that pumpkin seeds are included in a lot of parasite cleanse blends. If you buy any whole pumpkins, consider saving and roasting the seeds to snack on.

 Cranberry juice, and to some extent cranberry in other forms, is well known for it’s effectiveness in treating bladder infections, but you may not realize that cranberries help to cleanse the whole urinary system, including the kidneys.

Similarly to apples, you can do an intensive cranberry juice cleanse, throw a handful of cranberries in your morning smoothie, or simply have a glass of cranberry-apple juice, a handful of dried cranberries, or a serving of homemade cranberry sauce. (Note that the more refined sugar you have with your cranberries the less effective the cleansing action will be overall.)

Stay tuned for more ideas tomorrow!



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