DIY Plastic Scrubbie Tutorial

DIY Plastic Scrubbie (made from onion and orange bags)

Isn’t it the most charming plastic scrubbie you’ve ever seen? What? You don’t normally gush over plastic scrubbies? Oh…

 There are two things you should know about me up front: the first is that I collect a lot of disparate tips and tricks and life hacks for saving money and making life simpler, and I’m willing to try a lot of them. The other thing you should know is that I have neither time nor energy to continue using tips and tricks that don’t work well or are overly time consuming.

 So, when I say that I’ve tried making my own scrubbies out of old onion and orange bags, this is not that surprising. However, when I say that I save all my old onion and orange bags for making scrubbies (unless something’s gone moldy in them, because that’s just gross) and I never buy plastic scrubbies, this is noteworthy.

 Here’s how it works:

 DIY Plastic Scrubbie (made from onion bags)

 When a bag that looks like this comes into my house, usually containing onions or oranges or occasionally some other type of produce, I cut off an paper tags or metal clips on the ends and stash the bag in a kitchen drawer until I have several.

 Once I have a half dozen or more of these bags saved up, or whenever my current scrubbie has reached an untimely demise from tackling an unusually disgusting job, I take two minutes to turn the bags into a new scrubbie.

 At this point, with the ends cut off, the bags should be cylinders of plastic mesh. It doesn’t matter if they’re a bit torn, but unless they’re still basically in a cylinder shape they’re going to be a lot harder to use neatly.

DIY Plastic Scrubbie

 In this overly bright picture I have begun pulling the cylinders of plastic mesh over my arm so that they’re stacked or nested inside each other. Once all the bags, or cylinders, are layered, like a giant cast, I remove the whole thing from my arm. Then I begin to roll them up together from the end, like rolling up a giant pant leg.

DIY Plastic Scrubbie

When you’re done, it should look like a giant, inedible doughnut. (Mmm, doughnuts…)

DIY Plastic Scrubbie

 If you had plenty of mesh bags to start with, your scrubbie may function perfectly well at this point, but if your material was a bit sparse it may be best to tie a knot of sorts in this loop make it more solid and easier to scrub with. (It’s probably best if you just watch the video for my demonstration of how to do this, but in the end you’ll end up with something that looks rather like this.)

DIY Plastic Scrubbie (made from onion and orange bags)

Ta da! You’ve just made your very own plastic scrubbie out something you were probably otherwise going to throw away! Don’t you feel a glow of frugalness and environmentally friendliness inside now?

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