Menu Plan and Shopping List 8/28/14-9/3/14

Now, before proceed to tell you about how my menu plan went for the week, I need to ask: are you sitting down? (Personally, I prefer sitting down for browsing blogs anyway, but for all I know you’re tethered to a phone charger or on a treadmill.)

I followed my menu plan this week. No, seriously, almost all of it, dead on the way I planned it. I’m not sure what this means, but I may now be living in an alternate universe or something.

We also had several meals that turned out really well, even dishes I’d never made before. The grilled cheese with caramelized onions were very good (though I did forget to make tomato soup to serve them with when we had them for lunch), as was the the ratatouille, which I somewhat based off Remy’s recipe in the movie Ratatouille (thinly sliced zucchini and eggplant covered in tomato sauce, and I also added ground beef to make it a complete meal).

For the kale and feta galette I used Nourishing Traditions yogurt dough, except with coconut oil because I’m low on butter this week. The dough was very soft, but I pressed it out flat on parchment paper and then used the parchment paper to flip the edges of the dough up over the edges of the filling, and it worked marvelously. (I left it on the parchment paper for baking as well, so mess in moving the galette onto the baking sheet. Be aware the you might be able to use waxed paper for rolling out the dough, but waxed paper is NOT the same as parchment paper for baking purposed and should NOT be used in the oven.)

The beef enchiladas turned out well, though the enchilada sauce recipe I used turned out surprisingly tomato heavy. I’d use the sauce again, as it had really good flavor otherwise, but it needs a pinch of sugar or perhaps a large splash of milk to cut back on the tomato acidity. Also, I’m going to try making beef enchiladas again but with a cheese sauce instead of a red sauce.

Also, on Saturday we went out on a date to start trying sushi places in the area. (Another date? Didn’t we just go on one last week? Weird…) I haven’t had much ‘real’ sushi so I got the ‘pick three rolls’ lunch to try out some different kinds and see what I liked. The sweet potato roll was not bad, but probably not something I’d order often. The salmon roll was a tad on the bland side for me, but I really enjoyed it with the pickled ginger and tiny dab each of wasabi and soy sauce. I think my favorite was the Boston roll, which had shrimp, lettuce, something else that was either celery or cucumber and a light mayo dressing. Also, the whole sushi experience really made me want even more sushi, so it needs to go on the menu for this week.

Oh, and one more cool thing: my husband said the sushi he got was really good, but he did miss the dipping sauce I make to serve with my homemade sushi. Win! (Now I just have to remember how I made the sushi dipping sauce last time…)


Social Event

Salmon Fillet Sandwiches with Tomato and Sauteed Mushrooms and Onions

Leftovers/Fridge Scrounging

Crockpot Lasagna

Mexican Casserole


New York Style Pizza


Leftovers. Lots and lots and lots of leftovers.


Pretty much just the usual: toast, eggs, yogurt, smoothie, though we also have some lemon muffins in the freezer now that I can use to break up any impending monotony.

Shopping List: I know I need to pick up some food this week (especially butter and eggs), but I’m not sure if I’ll be feeling well enough in the next couple of days to do the shopping, so I’m not making firm shopping plans. I haven’t seen the Kroger or HyVee ads, but nothing seemed like a spectacularly good deal in the Aldi ads.

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