Menu Plan and Shopping List 8/7/14-8/13/14

It was a slightly frustrating week for me, as I came down with some kind of flu bug, and stayed down for most of the week.

Thursday and Friday I took completely off as ‘sick days’, including grabbing supper at McDonald’s on our way to frisbee on Thursday. It was also one of those ‘I really should listen to my husband’ moments, as I knew I wasn’t up to playing frisbee, but insisted I was fine to go along and watch him play, despite his skepticism. I ended up feeling too awful to even get out of the car and go sit on the grass to watch the game…

Friday I did use my easy supper plan of chicken thighs, despite it not being an out of the house day after all.

Saturday I was feeling better and we went out to see Guardians of the Galaxy (fun!), went to a coffee shop with friends to discuss the movie afterwards, and then went to my nephews game day birthday party. (Needless to say, I still did not make my husband’s birthday meal of beef enchiladas that day.)

Unfortunately, I must have overdone it on Saturday, because Sunday I barely had energy to sit through church, and we weren’t able to stay for the fellowship meal. I had made a super easy crockpot dish using browned hamburger and a couple of bags of coleslaw mix that I found on manager’s special for a potatoless version of bubble and squeak, so we ate off the leftovers from that several times for the rest of the week. It was especially good when we mixed it with leftover brown rice and put a bit of homemade ketchup on top–like a cross between unstuffed cabbage and spanish rice.

Basically, for the rest of the week we ate either variations on those leftovers or taco salad (using extra ground beef I cooked up when I made the crockpot meal) so I didn’t have to do much cooking as I continued recovering from my flu.

I did get some energy back the last couple of days so I could do laundry and start to catch up on dishes, but I’m really hoping to feel even better soon. I do have some easy meals planned for this week as I have reason to think it might be a rough week for me even if I do finish recovering from this flu quickly.


Salmon fillets on homemade rolls with lemon yogurt sauce, baby carrots and dip


leftovers/fridge scrounging

Ground Beef and Carrots (for church fellowship meal)

Hamburger Veggie Noodle soup

Chicken Thighs, Garlic Broccoli and Seasoned Rice

Indian Spice Lentils with Roasted Carrots


Mostly leftovers, maybe filling in with some tuna sandwiches if needed.


Our whole breakfast schedule has been off while I haven’t been feeling well. My husband has mostly eaten eggs, and if I’ve eated breakfast at all, it’s often been just fruit. I doubt this week is going to get a lot more organized for breakfasts, but I am hoping to make another batch of rolls tomorrow, which will expand our options to include toast again.

Baking and Extras:

The only project I got done this past week was making a new batch of kombucha (first batch in a 3 gallon drink dispenser I got on clearance at Kroger!). Next week will probably be similar, though I am hoping to make a batch of rolls and some french onion dip, do a bit of pizza crust expirimentation and maybe even use up that cabbage and zucchini I wanted to use up last week. Oh, and I got mushrooms on manager’s special that need to be used up, but I can pretty much just add mushrooms to everything I make to use those up.

Shopping List:

Last week I went shopping a day early so I hit ground beef sales from the week before and also picked up some ground pork on manager’s special, so I’m fairly well stocked up on meat again.

I think it’s supposed to be my off week for shopping, but I seem to have lost track… Regardless, I’m going to pick up a few things at Aldi because I’ll likely be out on other errands in the next couple of days anyway. (My kroger ad didn’t come today, so I don’t know if they have good sales this week or not. HyVee does blueberries and canteloupe for a few cents cheaper than Aldi–the blueberries are a two day sale for Thursday and Friday though.)

I have really enjoyed having fresh fruit on hand for snacks recently, so I’m taking advantage of more produce sales at Aldi for that.

lemon juice, $1.89

bananas, about .45/lb

organic baby carrots, $1/lb

mango, .59

blueberries, $1/pint

canteloupe, $1 (probably not worth buying, but worth checking to see if it looks good or not)

salmon fillets, 2lb bag/$8

frozen pizza, $2


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