Menu Plan 7/24/14-7/30/14

Crazy week… We had two planned social events, which both happened as scheduled PLUS we added another one last minutish and on top of that, because we were giving several people a ride to the Ultimate Frisbee pick-up game this week it ended up being a lot simpler to just grab food while were out instead of making supper.

Overall, we ate enough more processed food than I’m used to eating that my gut started complaining by the end of the weekend. The beginning of these week we got back to a more normal diet for us, plus a little extra fruit and vegetables for snacking to counterbalance the previous processed food, and my stomach very quickly got back to normal too.

We entirely skipped having salmon patties, chicken fried hamburger patties and burritos. I ended up needing a quick meal the night I’d planned on doing the BBQ chicken and sides, so I threw together a quick sloppy joe (midwestern style, with BBQ sauce) served on 40 minute rolls (made with white+wheat germ flour). The chicken then got moved to what was originally the burrito night, but I didn’t want to do another BBQ sauce meal, so I found this BBQ spice rub recipe to try on the chicken instead.


Social Event (possibly times 2–if so it one will replace our normal leftovers day)

Beef Enchiladas, with a sauce similar to this (this is for my husband’s birthday dinner to I’m using white flour tortillas instead of continuing my homemade tortilla experiments), with salsa, guacamole and green salad

Leftovers/Fridge Scrounging (if not replaced by social event)

Chicken Thighs (for church fellowship meal)

Chicken Fried Hamburgers, rice, gravy, garlic green beans

BLTs (I have nitrate free bacon in the freezer from when it was on sale a few weeks ago, so this will be a good way to have a quick meal before needing to leave the house while using up tomatoes I got on sale at Kroger last week)

Burritos (or taco salad, depending on the zeitgeist of the day–if I do make burritos, I will probably continue my homemade whole wheat tortilla experiments then)


Leftovers for most of them, tuna salad with crackers or as sandwiches if we run short on leftovers. (That will make a fish meal this week since we don’t have any salmon meals planned for dinner.)


I made refrigerator oatmeal with some bruised peaches I got for a $1/lb at the farmer’s market last week, so that will make one kind of quick breakfast. Other than that I think we’re still in our toast, eggs, smoothie type routine.

Baking and Extras:

I made a double batch of wheat germ 40 minute rolls, so if I continue to not get around to making whole wheat bread we’ll still have some kind of bread around, but I am hoping to make my normal bread (finally) early next week. I’m also making brownies for my husband’s birthday tomorrow.
I’d also really like to make a batch of sauerkraut, a new batch of kombucha, bottle my almost finished batch of tepache, make something cool with my ginger bug ferment, make a new batch of ketchup, make homemade ranch dressing and try a recipe I found for zucchini candy, but I’m not sure how much of that will actually get done.

Shopping List:

Other than quickly grabbing white flour tortillas for my husband’s birthday meal, my normal errand day is being replaced by birthday festivities, so I have no shopping list this week, but here are few good sales for the week.


organic grape tomatoes, $2.20/pint

organic baby carrots, $1/lb

mushrooms, .69

vidalia onions, $1/2lb

grass fed organic ground beef, $4.50/lb

Aldi also has an air popcorn popper ($15), a dehydrator ($20) and a set of flexible plastic cutting boards ($2) on sale this week.


cherries, $1.88/lb

sour cream, $1

ground beef, $2/lb

Also, Kroger is beginning their back to school sales, so you  might want to check into specifics if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

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