Menu Plan and Shopping List 7/17/14-7/23/14

It was the sort of week with extra leftovers, and since we replaced our Friday pizza night with taco salad leftovers, on top of having taco salad for multiple lunches, I did several menu switches that involved NOT starting another round of taco salad leftovers, while using up other leftovers. (Since the taco salad was such a hit, I didn’t want to ruin a good thing–especially a relatively inexpensive and healthy good thing–by overuse.)

Saturday involved a spontaneous pizza type social event, so we didn’t really use many leftovers on our normal ‘use up leftovers instead of cooking’ day.

Sunday I made chicken thighs instead of ground beef stuff, because they required no prep, and we ended up being out most of the day Saturday. I was thrilled to find these chicken thighs at Costco on my last trip there. They were 79 cents a pound (cheaper than my normal ‘stock up’ price of 99 cents a pound) and NOT injected with soy broth (unlike many grocery store brands). Yay!

Instead of turkey in the pasta salad I used leftover lemon basil garlic chicken from chicken thighs. It turned out okay, and it happened to be a very convenient day for a cold ‘grab it when you need it’ supper, but in my experimentation with the dressing I accidentally made a tangy, lemony pasta salad, which was not my original intention. My husband was gone for part of that evening, so because I’m a completely mature grown up with good taste… I whipped up some healthy chocolate syrup and drank chocolate milk while watching Muppet Treasure Island. 🙂

I switched out the chicken thighs meal for a ‘chef salad’. (I have no idea what the official definition of a chef salad is, but that’s what my mother always called it when we put meat and cheese on a green salad to make a full meal out of it.) I used the turkey (frozen from last November) that I’d meant to put in the pasta salad, and with shredded cheddar cheese, craisins and ranch dressing it made a really good salad. I’m going to have to remember that combination in the future.

And tonight, instead of the taco salad meal, I’m using up a combination of leftover meats and assorted veggies in a chinese style pasta dish. If I finish this blog post quickly enough, I’ll also be making 40 minute rolls because we’re having a couple of hearty eaters over for dinner, and I have this minor obsession with making sure people have plenty of food whenever they’re at my house.

I’m throwing together this menu in less time than I normally spend on planning, so we’re having mostly our ‘standards’ and simple food that my husband will really like.


Social Events x 2

Salmon patties on white flour+wheat germ rolls with lemon yogurt sauce

Chicken Thighs (for church fellowship meal)

BBQ shredded chicken, hush puppies, onion rings

‘Chicken fried hamburger patties’ (something like this, though of course, not with white flour), brown rice and gravy, garlic green beans



Being real here, there are two lunches I probably won’t have leftovers for, and one of them will probably end up being frozen pizza. For the other one, I’ll probably go with tuna salad and crackers with fruit or green salad.


Last week, I made waffles over the weekend, and had leftover batter to make quick waffles another time during the week. (I ate mine with strawberry chia jam and just a touch of maple syrup and it was sooo good.) I picked up some yogurt at costco, and am planning to finally get my homemade yogurt going again, so this week will probably have more smoothies, yogurt and refrigerator oatmeal along with more basic toast, fruit and eggs. I may also fry up our withering potatoes for a breakfast soon.

Baking and Extras:

I still need to make bread, though I made a batch of 30 minute rolls. I did all my other projects for the week, plus a batch of stovetop cookies. This coming week will be similar, keeping up with kombucha, starting yogurt, and possibly trying out a homemade soda recipe.

Shopping List:

I haven’t finalized my shopping list yet this week, but here are some sales highlights I noticed for the week:


pineapples, $1

bacon, 12 oz, $2

tomatoes, .88/lb

Plus, if you go to their website, you can get a digital coupon for $1.50 off kraft cheese, making it $1.50 for 8 oz.


fresh cherries, $1.50/lb

other various fruits on sale…

Also, mustards, yellow and brown, are on sale for .69 and .79, so it would be a good time to stock up for next time I run out. And, my Aldi is now carrying black beans! They’re priced at $2.50 for 2 lb.

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