Menu Plan and Shopping List 7/10/14-7/16/14

Well, it’s been another week. My husband has still only mostly gotten over the flu and I’ve continued to be varying degrees of tired. On the bright side, despite having a less energetic and ‘with it’ week than I might have hoped, I got completely caught up on dishes and did all but one of my planned baking projects. There may yet be hope for life returning to a smoother, more productive schedule…

Our meal plan for the week also went pretty well. I simplified the ‘marinated chicken and veggie shishkabobs’ to be basic stirfy with chicken, a frozen veggie blend, leftover rice and soy sauce substitute (because my husband was not feeling well, and we were having a relaxing at home kind of day instead of a cook out kind of day).

Sunday’s ground beef and veggie meal used a GIANT bunch of green onions I found at the farmer’s market (Seriously. Giant. I stuck them on the top shelf of the fridge and informed my husband that some alien onions were blotting out the sun in the fridge. The stalks hanging down past the next shelf did look quite a bit like scary tentacles…)

The taco salad and french onion soup meals were both amazing (though I really  need to add some meat to the french onion soup next time I make it–my husband and I were both hungry again around bed time after that meal.)

The chicken thighs and potato salad meal got replaced by a social event. I need to make potato salad, or something, soon though, before my potatoes wither away into nothingness.

Also, I lost a package of chicken thighs, along with some other random food in an accidental ‘left the chest freezer open’ event this weekend. (Why do I always discover these things on Sunday morning!?!) So I guess that evens out the fact that we’re skipping that planned meal… sort of…


Salmon fillets on white flour+wheat germ rolls with lemon yogurt sauce (Maybe I’ll finally remember to use that withering kohlrabi in the fridge to make kohlrabi fritters to go with it.)

Pizza (probably continuing adventures in new york style pizza)

Leftovers/Fridge Scrounging

Ground Beef with Mushrooms, Onions and Garlic

Turkey pasta salad (I may pick up baby carrots at Aldi as a side for this meal, or just throw in plenty of onions and mushrooms)

Chicken thighs (I need to find out kombucha is as good a marinade/glaze for chicken thighs as it is for ham), green salad and rice pudding (Rice sounded boring, soo….. 🙂 )

Taco Salad


Mostly leftovers, possibly some grilled cheese or tuna sandwiches if we run short on leftovers.


Fruit, toast, eggs for my husband. I’m not feeling very creative about breakfasts lately (though over the weekend, my husband made sausage gravy and I made biscuits for one breakfast). We’ll probably have leftover rice pudding for breakfasts later in the week though.

Baking and Extras:

Surprisingly enough, despite a week that was rough in some ways, I did all my baking projects but one. I still need to make bread. I’ll probably need to also make a new batch of kombucha again this week… Oh, and I have some milk that really needs to be turned into cheese if it’s not already too sour. Beyond that, any baking energy I have will be directed into fun projects, because I am way overdue to just bake some fun and interesting foods.

Shopping List:

Hyvee has eggs for 99 cents a dozen. Kroger has bananas for 39 cents a pound, blueberries for 99 cents a pint and boneless pork loin for $1.77 a pound. Most of my shopping will be at Aldi, with a quick stop at the farmer’s market to see what’s interesting this week.


Organic medium salsa, 4/$8

onions, 2(3lb bags)/$3

red onions, (2lb bag), $1

mushrooms 6(8oz pks)/$4.20

butter, about 4/$10

frozen veggies (peas, green beans) about 4/$4

ramen noodles (12 pk)/$2

Parmesan cheese, about $2.50

tuna, 6/$4



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