Menu Plan and Shopping List 7/3/14-7/9/14

Despite it being an odd week, with a couple of days off for sickness, or at least sort of days off for sickness, I still stuck to part of my menu plan. (Some weeks you just have to take whatever part of a win you can manage.) We skipped our scheduled social events because of contagiousness and not feeling great, and Colton ran out to pick up some easy food in case I got more sick (surprisingly enough, I never did get very sick, but it was still nice to have some quick food around while I was feeling tired and draggy).

Thursday evening I made hamburgers. (I really like keeping Aldi’s hamburger patties in the freezer for a quick and easy non-processed food meal. They’re the same price as buying a roll of ground beef at Aldi, have no indredients other than beef, and don’t need to be defrosted before cooking.) Friday evening we had frozen pizza and finished off the lettuce we had in the fridge. Saturday (since we were short on leftovers) I made a pasta dish using this basic recipe, but tweaking the seasonings and adding cheese. It made a really good, rich cheesy garlic pasta, which I served with a frozen veggie medley for an easy side.

I didn’t get beans soaked to make baked beans for Sunday, so I made a roasted beet salad instead. I had a number ten can of diced beets which I dry roasted in the oven, along with some onion quarters and garlic (the onion and garlic I wrapped in foil, but also roasted without oil). I mixed together all the roasted veggies, added some salt, olive oil and apple cider vinegar, and had an allergy friendly GAPS diet legal side dish for fellowship meal that even my husband thought tasted pretty good.

Monday my menu plan came back into play, and the baked potatoes with ham gravy (made from scraps and drippings from the ham I took to fellowship dinner a couple weeks ago, frozen until I needed them) were a very satisfying meal. I served them with frozen peas, which went so nicely, my husband actually mixed the peas with his ham gravy on top of his potato.

Tuesday I made burritos, including coming the closest I ever have to making good 100% whole wheat tortillas! This recipe is definitely a keeper, as the flavor was good, and the tortillas were flexible enough to wrap, but they were still rather fragile. Next time I’m going to try making the dough in the food processor and see if I can get a better result with more developed gluten. As a bonus, I made a very large pot of beans that turned out quite well, so I have two bags of almost perfectly cooked pinto beans in my freezer. Yay!

And, for this evening, I’m simplifying my original plan and using storebought white pasta with a spaghetti type sauce.  (I’m still planning to throw what’s left of the roasted beet salad into the sauce though, so extra veggies, despite the white flour.)

I’d really like to do some serious freezer cooking this month, but I don’t think I’m going to get a full plan for that done today. Because there are some good sales this week though, I may just buy ahead some basic ingredients for when I get to planning a freezer cooking session.


Burritos (from leftover burritos fillings, but probably with store bought tortillas, because the homemade ones are not quite reliable enough for an ‘in the car’ meal yet)

Marinated chicken thighs (boneless, skinless) and veggie shishkabobs (choice of veggies depends on what I find at the farmer’s market, and/or on sale at the store)

Leftovers/Fridge Scrounging

Ground Beef and Veggies (Preference to broccoli, but might use green beans, kale, or something completely different, again depending on the selection I find when shopping)

Taco Salad (with pinto beans, ground beef, organic Costco tortilla chips, cheese and homemade french dressing)

Chicken thighs, potato salad, and a veggie or fruit (Either another ‘whatever I like at the farmer’s market, or cleaning out some fruit I froze and didn’t use over the winter–probably in the form of fried apples in that case)

French Onion Soup (I just found some pork neckbones in the freezer, so I can make this soup again! I made it while my husband was out of town a few weeks ago, and it was so good, I decided he might actually like it, despite the fact that ‘soup  made from onions’ did not sound amazing to him when I first brought it up.)


The usual leftovers, of which I suspect we will have plenty, supplemented by side salads as needed. If we do run short on leftovers, I suspect the ‘open a can of tuna’ plan will be my best bet this week.


We’ve been doing a lot of toast this past week, including peanut butter honey toast and honey cinnamon toast. I plan to do fried potatoes at least once from the leftover baked potatoes, and may make up a quick batch of biscuits to go with leftover ham gravy one morning. Possibly some smoothies, or just supplementing other breakfasts with fruit, as I can’t resist fresh cherries when the season hits, and I’ll likely buy some other fruits this week as well.

Baking and Extras:

Well, we’re out of ketchup, so I really need to make some of that, especially before making fried potatoes. I should at least make a batch of these 40 minute rolls (with white+wheat germ flour), and if I can, a batch of bread also. I’m also considering getting organic strawberries to try out this chia jam recipe, which has intrigued me for a long time. Oh, and make a new batch of kombucha before the current one turns to vinegar. Sound like enough projects for one week to you?

Shopping List:

Surprisingly, I found the Aldi ad had little to offer this week that wasn’t available as cheap (or cheaper!) somewhere else. Hyvee has a tempting sale on butter at $2 a pound, and Schnucks has pork butt roast (whole or sliced) for $1.39 a pound. I may end up hitting one or both of those sales, but the main part of my shopping will be at Kroger this week (plus, of course, the farmer’s market).

Farmer’s Market:

at least two bunches/head of lettuce (If it’s available, that amazing butter lettuce I got last time!)

various veggies for shishkabobs, beef with veggies for church meal and one side


bananas, about 4lb/$2

organic kale (if I can’t find what I need at the farmer’s market), $1.50

organic strawberries, $3 (still deciding if these are officially on the list or not)

cherries, 3lb/$5.60

ground beef 9lb/$18

eggs, about 2/$4

sour cream, 4/$4

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