Menu Plan and Shopping List 6/19/2014-6/25/2014

Last week’s menu plan began less than auspiciously, starting when I took too long running errands after not eating enough food and then locked my keys in the car when I got home and had to lug all my groceries up to the apartment office to get a spare key, and to top it all off, the rice I tried to cook for supper refused to cook. We had frozen pizza.

I cooked the rice a while longer though, until I thought it was done, and threw it in the fridge to make sushi the next night. Except, it turns out it was one of those batches of rice, which inexplicably never cooks, and our sushi was just slightly crunchy, in a bad way. The bright side here is that my first attempt at cooking artichokes went just fine, even though I don’t own a steamer and the water boiled out of my saucepan as I was improvising.

Mental note: buy artichokes again, but don’t schedule them on the same night as sushi, as it’s too much work to eat an entire meal in little bites here and there.

The rest of the week’s meals went far better, and my first attempt at cooking with jalapenos made a pretty good jalapeno lime chicken. Despite parboiling my brown rice, my risotto seemed less creamy than it should be, but it was good rice, just not living up to everything I would expect from risotto.

If I make time, I may be using up the almost dead carrots in my fridge to make roasted carrots with our beefy corn pudding this evening, but otherwise I’ll fall back on the originally planned green salad.


Salmon fillet sandwiches with lemon garlic yogurt sauce, kohlrabi fritters (Last week at the farmer’s market they had beautiful kohlrabi for 65 cents, and I couldn’t resist, even though I really wasn’t sure when I’d use it.)

New York style pizza (probably a chicken and white sauce pizza) with pea hummus and tortilla chips

Leftovers/Fridge Scrounging

Ham (for church fellowship dinner)

Baked Potatoes topped with turkey and gravy (will possibly make a ham and white sauce gravy instead of pulling turkey from the freezer, depending on how much ham is leftover from the fellowship dinner), roasted beets

Spaghetti (with homemade whole wheat noodles) (I’ll serve this with a green salad if I haven’t used up my lettuce by then. Otherwise, I may just throw extra onions and some leftover roasted beets in the sauce and call that good for veggies. Come to think of it, extra onions and roasted beets in the sauce is a good idea either way.)



Leftovers, as normal, if we end up short on leftovers I may pull out a freezer meal, or some hamburger patties from the freezer, or maybe just open a can of tuna. I guess I just feel like leaving my options open at the moment. 🙂


I really need to do some baking and increase our breakfast options. I ate leftover beans and meat for breakfast this morning, and it was really good, and filling, but it’s probably not practical for a planned every day breakfast. I’m getting tempted to do the British thing though, and make up a big batch of baked beans to eat for breakfast. Barring that, probably more oatmeal for me, eggs for my husband and occasional smoothies.

Baking and Extras:

I’m going to make a batch of 45 minute rolls for dinner tomorrow, since I still haven’t made real bread yet, but I’m also hoping to make a regular batch of bread at some point this week. I also plan to make chicken stock when I cook up chicken to top the pizza with, and I need to make whole wheat pasta for our spaghetti meal, and may even try making whole wheat tortillas again this week.

If I get through all that and still have time left, I’ll be making some kind of fun dessert (my husband has been talking a lot lately about the amazing apple fritters I made a few months ago) and something that will make a quick breakfast, like homemade granola bars or zucchini bread.

Then again, I may be feeling overly ambitious because I’m on a high from getting caught up on dishes and cleaning out my fridge properly for the first time in a while….

Shopping List:

Other than having someone pick up cheddar cheese and turbinado sugar for me at Costco, I’m not planning to do any grocery shopping this week. (Though, I may still stop by the farmer’s market as I’m running other errands… I noticed my veggie options are a bit thin as I was working on the menu plan, and that’s just sad for this time of year.)

I didn’t see much amazing in the grocery ads this week either. Aldi has some fruit on sale, which you may want to check out, and I also noticed that they’re starting to carry a couple new moscato options, which I find intriguing. Kroger has sour cream and frozen veggies for $1 each (the standard low point in the sales cycle), and HyVee has bacon for $3 a pound, which is the cheapest I’ve seen it yet this year.

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