Lemon Vinaigrette

Easy Lemon Vinaigrette Dressing: only three ingredients, and all healthy!

Peeking into that lovely canning jar full of sunshiny goodness… aka I still haven’t figured out how to get a good picture of runny/sauce foods.

Because it’s about that time of the year, when fresh vegetables, and especially fresh greens, are available in abundance, here’s another simple, healthy salad dressing recipe for you. I find that I get bored with salad less quickly if I keep changing around the toppings and dressings I use on my salad greens.

This dressing has bright sunny flavor with tang and a hint of sweetness, and I enjoy it, despite not being a big fan of most standard vinaigrette dressings.

One of the ways we like to use this dressing is on a green salad (we often use romaine lettuce, but use any greens you prefer) topped with diced mango, thinly sliced green onion and cashews (you can switch this out for other nuts, or sunflower seeds). A little bit of vinegar cheese also works well, adding a bit of creaminess.

Yumminess Rating: Yummy

This dressing on the previously described mango topped salad ranks very high on the list of salads my husband will enjoy eating.

Healthiness Rating: Healthy

With only three (possibly four) ingredients, it’s easy to keep the ingredients healthy.

*Honey (preferably raw) is probably the most natural sweetener you could use, and qualifies as a superfood.

*Lemon juice is high in vitamin C, and if you object to standard bottle lemon juice, simply substitute organic  or fresh squeezed lemon juice.

*Olive oil is possibly the most tricky of these ingredients to keep healthy, as there are reports of ‘olive oil’ being diluted with cheaper oils, without this being disclosed on the label. The organic olive oil from Costco is supposed to be one of the few reliable brands for pure olive oil, and that’s the kind I use.

*The optional onion powder is, of course, not quite a fresh ingredient, but should still contain some remnants of the nutrients in the original onion. I recommend finding a non-irradiated source for spices such as Azure Standard, or either Oregon Spice or Frontier (available in bulk on amazon, affiliate link).

Lemon Vinagrette

1/2 cup lemon juice

1/4 cup honey

1/2 cup olive oil

Pour lemon juice into a pint jar. Add honey. Add olive oil. Stir until honey is partially or mostly dissolved into the mixture, then put the lid on the jar and shake until dressing is thoroughly combined. Refrigerate. Shake before use.

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