Menu Plan and Shopping List 6/12/14-6/18/14

We had a very successful mini vacation last week, and despite not feeling energetic again yet, I am feeling better and less stressed overall. Yay for taking a break!

I enjoyed brushing up on my ‘cooking in a hotel room’ skills, and successfully made scrambled eggs and bacon in the waffle iron, but we forgot to cook a frozen pizza to bring, so we weren’t able to test out this waffled pizza recipe.

We had an unplanned social event come up with week, so beefy corn pudding will be put off until later. Also, our veggie sides got shuffled around a bit, so we’ll actually be having our artichokes next week as well.

Oh, and I ended up making chicken enchiladas instead of burritos, and they turned out very well. I loosely followed pioneer woman’s recipe, but changed almost everything, including corn tortillas to flour, whole chickens to boneless skinless chicken thighs and mozzerella cheese to vinegar cheese. Tabasco green pepper sauce also turned out to be a key ingredient.


Salmon Sushi (Since I haven’t made bread  yet, getting creative with portable food seemed like a good idea…)

New York Style Pizza, possibly a chicken and white sauce pizza–I finally got my new food processor, (affiliate link) so I can try making this crust again!–with artichokes on the side

Leftovers/Fridge Scrounging

Beef and Green Beans

Chicken Thighs, Sauteed Sweet Potato and Onion, Risotto


Beefy Corn Pudding, Green Salad


Leftovers, maybe a main dish salad or a soup if we run short on leftovers.


We were given some bagels, which make a nice hearty carb to round out my husband’s breakfast of eggs on mornings when we run (which we’ve been doing fairly regularly lately). We’re also still doing a lot of smoothies, though sadly, I think my kefir grains may have finally bitten the dust (possibly related to when the fridge died), so we’re back on milk smoothies for now. I also really enjoyed a late breakfast of hamburger and sauteed veggies on Saturday morning, but I’m not sure if that was one time thing, or if I might start making a habit of sauteed veggies for breakfast.

Baking and Extras:

I really need to bake bread and make ketchup now, as well as continuing to keep up with the kombucha. And, since rasberries are on sale at Kroger again, I suspect another amazing raspberry cobbler is in our near future. Maybe I’ll even try that chia refrigerator jam recipe I keep seeing around.

Shopping List:

I really need to make Costco visit soon to pick up more cheddar cheese, tortilla chips and turbinado sugar, and probably some evaporate cane juice while I’m there, just to ensure that my kombucha brewing can continue uninterrupted.

Beyond that, it should be a fairly light shopping week. Hopefully there will be some interesting vegetables at the farmer’s market to replace my other veggie choices, but this is the list I’ll use if I don’t find anything good at the farmer’s market. (I like have my ‘back up’ all planned out when there are unknown variables.)

Also, Aldi has mushrooms on sale for .69, but not much else that stood out to me.


raspberries, 5pks/$5

romaine lettuce, about $3/2lb

avocado, $1

green beans, 3lb/$3

eggs (not sure of price–I know it will be more than Aldi, but it’s not really worth stopping at Aldi  just for eggs and mushrooms)

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