Menu Plan 6/5/14-6/11/14

As you may have seen on my Facebook page, I apologize for not getting my normal Friday video and recipe post up. We’ve had a busy few weeks, and my energy has begun to lag in a way that makes me think my Lyme symptoms may be coming back. Hopefully that will not prove true and I’ll begin to feel better soon, but either way I’ll be working on a schedule to make my posts more consistent even on the tired and crazy weeks.

Along the lines of crazy weeks, I only made two of the dishes on my menu plan last week (I think we ended up with at least two more social events than I planned on…). However, both the Chicken Alfredo and the Mexican Casserole were quite good and well worth making.

You’ll notice this coming week’s menu plan is a bit different than normal. Partially because of the craziness and my tiredness lately, my husband is taking a couple of days off so we can relax and de-stress (and hopefully after that I’ll feel less tired and more like jumping back in to chores and projects), which means I’ve specifically planned some easy meals for this week.

If you are easily offended by processed food you may want to skip this post. (Yes, I did my best to pick the healthy versions of easy food, but still, when you’re looking for fun and easy food, sometimes healthy slips a little, and I think that’s okay.)
Nitrate free hot dogs (with homemade ketchup, of course), ramen noodles (I skip the MSG spice packet and season with my own spices) and broccoli

Frozen pizza and baked sweet potatoes

Hamburgers and salad

Leftovers/Fridge Scrounging

Chicken Thighs (for church fellowship meal)

Pork Ribs, Rice Bites and Artichokes (Yep, this meal just got moved from last week, but with an updated vegetable, because my Azure order will be in by then.)


Beefy Corn Pudding and braised celery



The usual leftovers, with some sandwiches thrown in for good measure. Baby carrots and sweet peppers with dip as needed to fill in the veggie side of things.


We’re doing (whole wheat) waffles on a couple of our relaxing mornings, but beyond that, pretty much more of the usual smoothies with some eggs, toast and refrigerator oatmeal thrown in.

Baking and Extras:

If I get to it I’ll make some bread and I’ll keep up with my kefir and kombucha as necessary, but it’s going to be a light project week.

Shopping List:

I’m not shopping this week, so I haven’t even looked at the ad. Feel free to post a comment if you notice a particularly good grocery deal that other readers should know about.

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