Menu Plan and Shopping List 5/29/14-6/4/14

I missed a few meals on my menu plan, but partly because we were busy eating up the large amounts of leftovers from the amazing mousaka we ate on Friday evening. (I mostly follow the recipe I linked to, but I bread the eggplant before I fry it. I used the batter from my fried dandelions recipe this time, and it was perfect.) It took me just over an hour to put together the mousaka, but considering the we then ate it for five meals, that’s not actually an unreasonable amount of work per meal.)

We also had a couple of unexpected social events, so it’s a wonder we followed the meal plan at all. I did make some really good gaps legal and allergy friendly (tomato free) baked beans for church fellowship meal, but unfortunately the flavor wasn’t quite as good after cooking in the crockpot for several hours. I really have to figure out how keep certain flavors from degrading in the crockpot….


Social Eventsx2

Chicken Alfredo (using homemade whole wheat pasta) with braised celery

Ham (church fellowship meal)

Mexican casserole (this is easily adjustable to what ingredients you have around, and really good way to use up stale tortilla chips) with a green salad (topped with mango, green onion, cashews and lemon vinaigrette)

Chicken Casserole (using the celery pesto I made, and white sauce) and garlic green beans

Pork Ribs, Rice Bites, Roasted Carrots (I got the pork ribs on manager’s special a few weeks ago, and threw them in the freezer. I’m considering making the ribs with an orange sauce instead of traditional barbecue sauce, because the rice bites went so amazingly well with the orange chicken I made a couple weeks ago.)


I think we’ll have plenty of leftovers for lunches, except for one day, which I’ll likely fill in with tuna salad. I’ll also add green salads and fruit as needed to fill in the edges.


I really need to make some muffins or zucchini bread… If I don’t get to that, more smoothies and refrigerator oatmeal (and eggs for my husband).

Baking and Extras:

I made some raspberry cobbler last week (it was sooo good!) and ended up with a lot of pineapple upside down cake leftover that I made for church fellowship meal. This week I need to do some more breakfast baking projects and continue to keep up with my kefir (which isn’t dead! yay!) and kombucha.

Shopping List:

Kroger has chicken thighs on sale for 99 cents a pound, so I plan to stock up on those, and probably pick up some fresh green beans for 99 cents a pound, unless the farmer’s marker finally comes through with some fresh produce.

Most of my purchases will be at Aldi though, including some produce that’s on sale:

(As you may have noticed, I like to buy ahead on items, so that I have extra in case I can’t make it to the store for some reason, or have unexpected company.)

organic salsa, 2/$4

crackers, 2/$3.50

tortillas, 4/$6.75

boneless skinless chicken thighs, 6lb/$9 (I discovered these work just fine in my chicken strips recipe.)

hamburger, $7 (3 lb)

green onions, about .59

vidalia onions, $1 (2 lbs)

mangoes, 6/$3

onions, $1.50 (3 lb) (I can’t believe I ran out of onions! Onions are a staple!)

canned salmon, 4/$10.75 (I’m also going to look at the frozen salmon, too, and might pick up some of that instead of a couple of the cans of salmon.)

frozen pizza, $2



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