Menu Plan 5/22/14-5/28/14

It’s been a strange week for me, as, for the first time in over three years of marriage, my husband had to go on a business trip without me. (He’s had one business trip before, and I was able to go along, which was pretty cool.) He was gone for two nights, so I had nieces over to spend the night, and had lunch with a friend to distract myself. It’s a really good thing I was able to have other people here, because when it’s just me for a meal (say, when my husband can’t come home for lunch one day) I have a tendency to not want to bother to cook ‘real food’ for myself. Then I end up at meal time looking in the fridge and discovering I have no quick food, and my blood sugar drops while I’m trying to find something to fix, and I just end up being a mess. Much better to know that other people are counting on you for decent food at reasonably regular mealtimes.

As far as following meal plans, I did pretty well this week. (Last week’s Sweet and Sour Lentils were amazing by the way. I tweaked the seasonings a bit and added molasses and it was another husband approved lentil meal, which are kind of hard to find.)

I experimented with adding lentils to sloppy joe (manwich style, which is my version, not the barbecue sauce version my husband grew up with). I keep reading online how you can’t even tell the lentils from the meat when you do this… As I suspected, this is very untrue, but I didn’t think it was bad, just not quite like having a meat heavy filling in your sandwich.

I also made a completely amazing French Onion Soup using a homemade pork stock, which I was pleased to note was just as good as I remember my mother’s canned beef consumee version being. (As I suspected, I couldn’t bring myself to buy the canned beef consumee when I saw the ingredients, and the canned stock wasn’t worth it, and I couldn’t find beef soup bones, so I make stock of pork tails that were on manager’s special.) I topped the soup with part mozzerella cheese and part seasoned vinegar cheese, with half a homemade roll (white+wheat germ flour) on top.

Tonight I’m making Sweet and Sour Lentils again instead of burritos, because I have a bunch leftover from what I cooked up to put in the sloppy joe mixture.

And for this week’s menu plan:


Tuna Sandwiches


Baked beans (didn’t end up making these last week…)


Pork Ribs with Roasted Carrots

Turkey Casserole (Haven’t decided on a recipe yet, but it will include celery)


We should have leftovers to cover all the lunches, if my calculations are right. If that doesn’t work out, I’ll do something that involves tuna.


After having my kefir grains ‘hibernating’ in the fridge for a couple weeks, I finally have a new batch of kefir going. Assuming my grains haven’t died in the meantime, smoothies are back on the menu this week! Really need to get some refrigerator oatmeal going too… And I’m planning to make some berry cobbler–that’s a breakfast food, right?

Baking and Extras:

I need to make a batch of ketchup, keep up with the kombucha and kefir, finish making the bread that’s soaking overnight tonight and make some refrigerator oatmeal. I haven’t been very good at extra projects lately, but hopefully berry cobbler and possibly pancakes or something else fun will also fit into the week.

Shopping List:

I’m not going grocery shopping at all this week, so I didn’t even pay a lot of attention to the food ads. I know Aldi has some fruit on sale, including mangoes for 49 cents. I think Kroger has sour cream for $1 this week, which is as cheap as it usually gets.


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